Cubbon Hotel, Bangalore

Cubbon Hotel, Cubbon Road, now called Raj Bhavan Road was one of Bangalore's finest hotels of the yesteryear. Today, this magnificient building is a hideous sight that is caused when occupants do not care for the property they use. The unfortunate building is used by the Telegraph Office for a storehouse, and the compound is scattered with large cable drums. The building has been neglected and certain parts have been modified to suit the occupant. Further down the road closer to the Residency or Raj Bhavan one could find an old colonial building called 'Cubbon Lodge'. Capitol Hotel share the same compound. Let's return to Cubbon Hotel. There is a main building with an Annexe that was built to house bachelor guests. The Hotel is alongside the statue of the Unknown Soldier War Memorial facing the Central Telegraph Office. This is the lastof the line, because the CTO is going to be pulled down (so much for history) as the new building is functioning behind it.

This was one of the entrances to the Cubbon Hotel with the war Memorial at the back of you when you enter the grounds On the left when facing the gate you will see the old Central Telegraph Office and the new building peeping over it's shoulder.(seen below).

Driving in along the path, one can just imagine the sound of horse carriage wheels and the hoofs of the horses as they trotted in bring their load of guests to and from the Hotel to the Parade Grounds. Ladies in their long and umbrella looking skirts, while gents would be in their top hats and long frock-coats.

Note the frontage of the building, and the condition. This seemed to have been renovated in 1934, but the Hotel existed before 1883 as the advertisment was found in Mr. Kora Chandy's copy of the book The Mysore and Coorg Directory" of 1883. This book is presently misplaced.

A view of the Annexe for the bachelors, and where today, Mrs. Joey Wilson , wife of the late Leslie Wilson, famous Sports Editor of Deccan Herald, lives.

A view from over the wall on Queen's Road. Note the ridge tiles design. Also note the seperate entrance for the bachelors. This side of Cubbon Hotel has been maintained regularly by teh tenents and is in a better condition than the main building.

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