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A Single Rose Can be My Garden!

These were the words that struck me which I read on a poster in my daughter Joanne's room, and it brought such a lot of joy to me, just staring at the single rose in the poster. People knowing Bangalore in the past can always picture people's gardens, lawns and the beautiful colours that rendered a sweet, pleasant fragance to the fresh air of the day. The sun although up in the blue sky, never was that vicious as one can expect. Basically, it's the whole cycle of fate that has made Bangalore choke and gasp for breath. Yes, fate, that changed a quiet city ("Pensioner's Paradise" ) into a cacaphonic catastrophe. The patter of little feet runing on empty roads, skipping away their joy, replaced with the slow-paced heavy treading of heavy laden bent backs grudgingly going to school. Tension written on all their faces, caused by stress of being late, rush! rush! and madness! unkempt traffic, disorderly stationery vehicles barring their way, but through this haze of uncertainity one can see the faint colour high up in the branches of the scarred trees, the blossoms, oh yes, the blossoms struggle to smile their way in the sunshine for you and me.

This page is dedicated to the "Flowers of Bangalore" ( and those who support gardens ), contrasting the murky grey and brown buildings that surround everybody. Parks are being edged out, barks of trees develop a strange scaly surface and gradually rot from within. How many fruit trees can one find around the city? How many birds can be seen chirping and talking to each other... yes, there are some places that are hidden away from the main roads, adn where beautiful loving people allow them to talk to each other... it brought great joy last week 10th January, 1998, when I heard the sound of a thousand voices, all talking together and not a bit of it was to hurt another, yes the birds coming in to nest... I hadn't heard that sound for over thirty years when they cut down the tall trees that unoffensively bordered the Richmond Town Park and all the birds fled... now I know that some of the residents of Richmond Town had allowed these birds to nest in their big trees, and it is wonderful that the people around allow them to do so... how long, before the cement mixer rolls down the road, and the lorries sneak around at dawn carrying the bowels of what used to be the elements of our city of Bangalore, to be replaced by the cold steel cages, lowered into pits, awaitng the vibrations of the jackhammer... Bangalore, you were beautiful, you are beautiful and can still be beautiful. All it needs is a little thought, a little adjustment, think of the thousand birds on one tree every day for years, generations from generations living together without ever thinking of destroying their habitat, to spite the other.

Bangalore, what we can offer is some respite before you crumple into the ground, and this is the only joy you bring to us mortals, since nature is being eaten day by day, we can see the flashes of red, pinks, mauve, yellow mixed with greens, and other colours of the "tears" of Bangalore, the flowers, that still bring the peace and tranquility of love which is deep in every human being, but is striffled because of indifference to what lies around. Bangalore, you will fight back, although you have your hands tied behind your back, yet you will come foreward each time to put your sunshine for the few who stop to notice that you exist, before they scurry on in their own sea of madness, caught up in the rapture of everyday. Your "tears" will reflect the beams of a myriad of colours showered from the rising of the sun.

"Bangalore, weep not for yourself, but for your children!"

But into the dawn, comes a new day, the rays of the sun bring hope, a flash of colour creeps out of the haze, a better tomorrow, presenting the "Tears of Bangalore, it's Flowers". This page is put up in memory of my late mother, Anne Johnson, who loved gardens, flowers, nature, and also maintained a beautiful one, her friends also had beautiful gardens too, like my neighbour Mrs. Monteiro, Mrs. Audrey King and Dr. Lopes to name a few. Anyone who had a little square of ground turned it into a colourful plot! This page may take a little time to load due to the pictures. Some of the pictures were taken over 13 years ago, and may have a tint. But I have given you all what I have and there is still more to come from time to time - Cheers, have a great time, send me your comments. Ronnie

If you have the Patience, I have the Time to collect some more Flowers for you .. Go ahead, bring your sun-hat and we'll take a Walk around the City of Bangalore! I'll show you some cactus, hanging gardens, lots more, it's a-maze-ing what you can find when you go around.... Put Your Feet Here! If You are tired, then THIS is where you can Rest!!

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