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This Page is exclusively dedicated to the Memory of Soldiers who lived and died at and around Bangalore, India, and also their Families, and whom the World Have Forgotten, leaving behind only Monuments falling apart because no one cares, but some of us Do! Inspiration to do this Page came from Two Exciting Dedicated Sites - HellFire Corner and Keeping the Memory Alive, and Ofcourse not forgetting some old Soldiers like Admiral Dawson and Brigadier Leslie King, and a few good Friends. Ian Carvalho did the scanning of the Photographs, thanks to him you can see some of the beautifully designed graves at the Agram Cemetery (also called the Old Protestant Cemetery).
... "Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away" ...

(This home page is updated from time to time so please bear with us).

The Early History of the British Army in Mysore and around Bangalore, particularly in South India.

The Forgotten Soldiers Photo Album Collection

To help build up the Collection, a request is being made to all You Readers if you have any Photos of Graves pertaining to Bangalore OR Anywhere in South India, (or even India), if you could spare them to make copies for this Page with Due Acknowledgments to you, or even send by e-mail an encoded (UUE) "gif" or "jpg" file that can be used, I would be grateful, and return the photos.

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If you feel you can make a contribution with photos, information, or otherwise, please send an e-mail to:

Ronnie OR ronniejohnson@hotmail.com

Some New picturesof Agram Cemetery

or Post to: Ms. Maisy Johnson, 5/3 King's Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025, INDIA. Ph: 91 80 2240145

or Post to: Admiral O.S. Dawson, PVSM, AVSM (IN), 32 Viviani Road, Richards Town, Bangalore 560 005,India. Ph:91 80 5471653

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