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The Songs
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Vèvès, Ritual Symbols

Onè, respè pou tout moun!

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In this website, we have tried to showcase years of research. However if some of this material seems too dense to you it is because it is not meant to be a primer to the Vodoun Culture. In any case, take a look around, let the table of contents guide you. Beauty and harmony need not be understood.
You may want to find out more about our motivations. If you need a quick approach, refer to the page "What is Vodoun Culture" before emailing any questions you may have. What we cannot cover can be found elsewhere on the web in the rich and diverse Vodoun Community.

What motivates us

Times are changing and a new challenge faces us, children of the Vodoun culture. The song of the West is strong and seductive. We can no longer be satisfied to hum quietly amongst ourselves. We believe that we must sing out loud using the modern means of communications.
All that is really secret must and will remain so, but everything that we traditionnally allowed " en passant " strangers to witness must burst out on the world scene for no one's profit. No one in particular that is, we're not adverse to be funded for research, but there is no copyright to our common heritage. Furthermore, we intend to stay true to our culture: no proselytising. Vodoun is so much more than a religion. Vodoun is foremost régléman, structure and order. It is one explanation of the natural laws that every human being has obeyed for the last million years or so. Why not listen ?


Vodoun Culture

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