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  • Page Home
  • Page What is ...
  • Section Pantheon Lwas
    • Page  List of Lwas
    • The big picture. More than a thousand lwas, some forgotten, some rare, some very common. They can be studied easily by association.

    • Page Index of Families
    • Flavodoun's unique contribution to the study of the pantheon, bringing together similar lwas in "families" that can be studied rite by rite.
      Warning: This is not proper Régleman!

  • Section Songs & Prayers
  • Section Drum Rhythms & Dances
    • Page Index of Drum Rhythms & Dances
    • Flavodoun identifies more than ninety dances or rather choreographic movements, because the Kasés are treated separately. This individualisation allows to easily associate the accompanying rhythm. While waiting for the CD-ROM with the video shorts, you can listen to some carefully selected music.

  • Section Language
  • Section Vèvès
  • Vèvès reach the most sublime when they are at their most ephemeral. In this section on Vèvès, Flavodoun is looking for the esthetic, rather than the religious or the mere magical.


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