The Shoah Dream Project


The Shoah Dream Project exists to document a unique aspect of the Holocaust--how the Shoah affects our dreams. The project began after I had my own dreams of the Shoah. A second-generation American and Reform Jew with no blood ties to the Shoah itself, I began to wonder whether these kind of dreams were common to others. The response I received was considerable and I decided to create a web page devoted to this collective unconscious experience. If you wish to participate, please document your dreams, reactions and any thoughts you might have on your dreams of the Shoah to Any relevant personal experience you could include would be appreciated (i.e., are you a child of survivors, a survivor yourself, having no personal connection to the Shoah, etc.). No names will be given on this page and your personal anonymity will be completely respected!

Thank you for your interest and participation. Please feel free to spread the word about The Shoah Dream Project to those you think would be interested. Links to this page would also be appreciated.

"Shoah" is the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.

Arnie Bernstein

Updated 28 March 2006 C.E.

Updated 28 Adar 5766

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All comments, thoughts and ideas about this project are appreciated. Please send them to me at

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