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To me the beatitudes are one of the most important passages of teaching in the ministry of Jesus to his followers here on Earth, and it is as relevant today as it was when it was first taught nearly 2000 years ago. It is like a jeweled cave that sparkles when light is shone upon it, but you have to have the correct tools to dig in and get the precious stones. Read My Study on The Beatitudes

In this paper I intend to examine one of the least grasped titles of Christ, Christ - the High Priest in the Order of Melchizeddek

The Most Important Study You Will Ever Do The Good News

What is God's Name Anyway? Is it Yahweh or Jehovah

Do You Get Money Making Offers Through Your E-Mail all the Time?. I Do!. I Believe This Study Could Help You Greed Study

What Did Jesus Mean When He said "Judge Not"?

The Books "The Bible Code and Bible code 2" by Michael Drosnin have been Quite Popular Among Christians and Non Christians Alike. Have a Read of This Article Which Examines the Bible Codes to See if There really is a Hidden Code in the Bible or if the Book is a Fake: The Bible Code & Bible Code 2 Examined

A quick warning about an e-mail scam that is targeting Christians especially Pastors Nigerian 419 Scam

Some Classical Christian Writings

You as a Christian cannot miss this series of Articles written in the Beginning of the Last Century. They were written to answer errors the Christian Church and Pastors were falling into. Those errors have surfaced again and these books are a timely call to return to the teaching of the Bible and not philosophy, humanism, pseudo-science, liberalism or falsehood. I have spent over a year scanning these books, editing, correcting and putting them into web pages. This is the only place on the net you will get every one of the articles. Please read The Fundementals by edited by R.A.Torrey

The Fundementals By R.A.Torrey. All 90 articles

Time for some old time real revival! Here's Revival Sermons by R.A.Torrey all 17 of them!


     Satan's Gospel An interesting read, scary when you hear it's likes preached from so called Christian pulpits

   Comfort For Christians

   With Christ in the School of Prayer By Andrew Murray. Another Christian Classic that will Bless the socks off you. It's a book you cannot afford to miss

An Bhuil an Gaeilge Agutsa? (Do You Speak Irish?) If You Do, Go mbeannaí dia dhaoibh, a chairdhe agus fáilte, tuigim Gaeilge shimpli mar ta cupla focail Gaeilge agam. Tir gan teanga, tir gan anam!. Faol saol agat agus bas in Iosa (a ghrá mo chroí). Here is the Gospel of John in Irish for you. If you appreciate this effort, please let me know and I'll try to put some more New Testament Epistles and Gospels in Irish Eoin Siochan leat! I'm considering the Epistle to the Romans and the Gospel of Luke next, watch this space. 12/10/03

True Life Stories of How Some of Us Came to Jesus

Shaun Aisbitt's Testimony

Rob Vollebregt's Testimony

Dutchman's Testimony

Tony Hanlon's Testimony

Het Getuigen van Wim Kuylen

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