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Cults, False Teachings and Con Artists Examined. This is a serious part of my (Shaun's) research and something that is on my heart. NB: Opinions expressed are entirely Shaun's alone

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Catholicism is it a Cult?

Crossroads or Central Church of Christ a Cult?

Can a Christian be a Freemason?

Jehovah's Witnesses Beliefs Examined

How to help a Jehovah's Witness begin to think and leave the Watchtower cult

An ex-Jehovah's Witness's Excellent Book Reviewed

Explaining the Gospel to Mormons

The Mormon Church Examined, is it Christian?

The Very Different Jesus of the Mormons

The Mormon's god compared to a Biblical Christian's God

Original 1830 Book of Mormon (note how the 1000's of 'Divinely revealed writings' have changed in this according to it's writer 'the most perfect book ever'. Time is indeed the enemy of liars and false prophets)

Original Book of Commandments (Mormon book now known as Doctrine and Covenants, again 'divine revelation' changed? includes 15 chapters missing from today's versions, a change of the name of the Angel who allegedly visited Joseph Smith and other contradictions compared to todays version. Again time is indeed the enemy of a false prophet)

Examining the 'New Age'

Peniel, Brentwood Essex Exposed in the News

7th Day Adventists Examined

Spiritism Unmasked by W.E.Vine

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Shaun & Jackie Aisbitt's Christian Web Site


Hi and a big Thank You for coming to our web pages. We like to hear from anyone who pops in and hope you find what you were looking for. We are a married Christian couple living in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, who have been missionaries and want to be a blessing to the church wherever we go. We have been on the mission field in, traveled to, Pastored churches, lived in and preached or taught in Ireland (North & South), England,Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Monte Carlo, France, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Wales, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, America, Russia, Germany, Hungary and Romania. Have a look at our mission pics

Due to our health poor health Jackie suffers from Fybromyalgia and Lupus both of which restrict her strength to go about much. Also because of my (Shaun speaking) health we are not traveling as much as I am confined to a wheelchair and can only walk a very short distance around the house with the aid of crutches. I have more time therefore to help others with my web ministry of reaching out to people in cults and helping folks come to Christ for Salvation.

We hope this site brings the Joy of the Lord into your house, heart and life. We are not downcast because of our health or circumstances but rejoice in the opportunity to spend more time together and get to know more folks from far away through the Internet. We do travel still but for shorter periods of time and are always willing to minister if asked wherever and whenever the Lord calls us. I do the occasional street outreach in Dublin using the sketch board and leaflets or distribute free Christian calendars at Christmas time to tell others about the Gospel. We have a Sunday morning meeting in our house, it's small but cosy!. If you live in the Dublin / Bray area and are interested in coming for a visit either Sunday or some other day please e-mail us.

Hollywood and God

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With My 'Little' Brother Karl Aisbitt (He hates being called little because he's around 6" ft 4' but still 'little' compared to his BIG brother!)




















































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