The Papeete Tahiti Temple

The Papeete Tahiti Temple

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The Church's missionary efforts in French Polynesia (the official name for the Islands that include Tahiti) began in 1844 when the first LDS missionary to a non-English speaking country arrived. The Church has grown considerably since then. The Tahiti Temple is a smaller copy of the Apia, Nuku'alofa, Santiago, and Sydney temples.

The temple was announced in April 1980.
Ground was broken and construction begun on 13 February 1981.
The cornerstone was laid and the temple dedicated on 27-29 October 1983.
There are 2 Sealing rooms and 2 Ordinance rooms in the 10,865 square foot temple.
The spire is 66 feet tall.
The Papeete Temple serves stakes in French Polynesia.

Pictures of the Interior:

One of the two Endowment Rooms.
Source: Open House Brochure.

The Celestial Room.
Source: Open House Brochure.

Rooms not Pictured:
The Baptistry
The 2 Sealing Rooms

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