WW II German Infantry Anti-Tank Weapons

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Page 1 : The Shaped Charge

late war model Pz IV with SchürzenTheory of the Shaped Charge
Defeating Shaped Charge Munitions
       -Spaced Armor: Schürzen
     Soviet Union
    Western Allies

Page 2 : Faustpatrone & Panzerfaust
Soldiers with Panzerfaust weapons in a defense position
Panzerfaust Usage
Panzerfaust 30
Panzerfaust 60
Panzerfaust 100
Panzerfaust 150
Panzerfaust 250
Grosse Panzerfaust / Hecht 10,5cm
Panzerfaust Developments

Page 3 : Panzerschreck Panzerschreck RPzB.54

Panzerschreck Raketenpanzerbüchse RPzB 
Raketenpanzerbüchse RPzB 43
Raketenpanzerbüchse RPzB 54
Panzerschreck Usage
Panzerschreck 10,5cm
Panzerjäger Bren 731(e)
Panzerjäger Wanze E-5
Panzerjäger Borgward B IVc Ausf m RPzB 54

Finnish soldiers in AT ambushPage 4 : Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck Figures, Foreign Use

Production Figures
Destruction Figures
Foreign Use

MG 34 team in urban combatPage 5 : Machineguns 

Infanteriepatrone 7,9mm / Mauser 7.92x57 amunition
Maschinengewehr 34 MG34

Maschinengewehr 42 MG42 MG 34 on tripod as a medium machine gun
MG 26(t) / ZB 1926
MG 30(t) / ZB 1930
MG 37(t) / ZB 1937
Maschinengewehr Solothurn 1930 / MG30

Maschinengewehr Dreyse 13
MG15 / MG 17
MG81 / MG81Z
Maschinengewehr 131
Maschinengewehr 151/15  MG151
Other Machineguns

Page 6 : Tank Rifles

Panzerbüchse 38Panzerbüchse
Tank Rifle Ammunition
Panzerbüchse 38

Panzerbüchse 39
Panzerbüchse 35(p) / PzB 770(p) / Maroszek W35
Panzerbüchse 783(r) PTRD-40
Panzerbüchse 784(r) PTRS-41
Panzerbüchse Boys
Tank Rifle Developments

german soldiers with StG44 and Mauser Kar 98kPage 7 : Infantry Small Arms

Maschinenpistole MP 38 and MP 40
Mauser Karabiner 98k

Gewehr 41
Gewehr 43
Sturmgewehr 44
Fallschirmjägergewehr 42

rifle grenade launcher on Kar 98kPage 8 : Rifle Grenades & Related Weapons

Gewehrgranatgerät / Schiessbecher

soldier throwing Stielhandgranate 24Page 9 : Hand Grenades & Related Anti-Tank Devices

Nebelhandgranaten & Blendkörper

late war Wehrmacht soldier loading 8cm Gr.W.34Page 10 : Mortars

5cm Granatwerfer
8cm Granatwerfer
12cm Granatwerfer

Page 11 : Mines & Flamethrowers contemporary flamethrower display

Mine Developments

Page 12 : AT Guided Missiles

Panzerabwehrrakete X-7 Rotkäppchen
Panzerabwehrrakete Ruhrstahl X-4

american soldier firing Bazooka M1A1Page 13 : Allied Counterparts

Bazooka M1and M1A1
Bazooka M9 and M20


Page 14 : Miscellaneous

The weapons commonly referred to as Panzerfaust are light and cheap yet powerful antitank weapons developed by Germany during the Second World War. The idea was to give the single soldier the ability to knock out tanks in close combat, negating the tank much of its invincibility and reign over infantry. It was fueled by the desperate situation Germany soon found itself in after starting WW II, encountering rising numbers of enemy tanks that were improving in quality as well, while itself being short on the critical resources to counter that with its own tank production.

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