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Please paws for awhile in my pages of Rottweilers and my family. My interest in Rottweilers became an obsession in 1988 with Abakahn Gembar Charro coming to our home and making our lives a joy for the next 12 and a half years. In 1997 i went to the KS in Germany and again in 2000 and 2003 i realised that to keep up with the standard it was important to stay abreast with the German bloodlines i am also impressed with what the English are doing in their breeding. In this day of discontent with the large breeds the temperament is paramount and we must all strive to safeguard our Breed by breeding accordingly this is why pedigree and temperament for pedigree is foremost for me i will only have a Rottweiler of sound temperament and will only import the same.

Below is a photo of a "thinking" dog, Dux vom Rectorrebell SchH1 BH (Imp USA)
Hips 0:0 Elbows 0:0

Dux vom rectorrebell

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