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My name is Wilson Simon and you are now on the Brazilian Cure Home Page, a simply place projected by myself to be a trustful ‘guide’ where absolutely all The Cure stuffs from Brazil are catalogued.
From now on you have the rarest items released over here, such as all the 12”promos, records with different picture sleeves, magazines with The Cure on cover, nice pictures of The Cure in Brazil, informations...
Apart from this page, I also run two other projects in Brazil related to The Cure: the magazine The Cure A Fanzine and the CD Want - Just A Brazilian Impression To The Cure (see details below).
I am sure this page will have some usefulness for you, so feel free and enjoy the place .

The Cure In Brazil 1987 Pictures
Records 1996 Pictures
Pamphlets Brazilian Press
Magazines The Cure A Fanzine
Official Photos Want - Just a Brazilian Impression

I hope you have liked this small navigation over the brazilian lands - a nice country where The Cure is, definitively, kept in the hearts of the people.
I will try hard to enclose on this place any new or additional brazilian fact about the band, as well as new peculiarities, photos, reviews and releases , `cause - as I said before - this place has been exclusively projected to be a trust guide, and I will keep my promisse!

If you want any further information or help in order to get any brazilian release, please chose a e-mail below and send me a message as soon as possible. I will welcome it doing my best to CURE all your requests!

Also, I would like to thank some people who make the difference: Alcides H. Junior, Roberta (PolyGram São Paulo), Navarro, Fernanda, Angélica, Edhson FM and all the brazilian indie bands present on my forthcoming release:Want.

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