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Map of Africa

Come fly into Chileka Airport for a visit to Malawi and visit the Blantyre Seventh Day Baptist Church.

Picture of Makapwa

Visit the Makapwa Seventh Day Baptist Hospital and School.

Picture of Kandodo's

Spend a day in the life of a missionary at Makapwa.

Picture of Mulange

Visit Mount Mulanje and the Seventh Day Baptist Churches in the area.

Picture of Zomba

Visit Mount Zomba and the Seventh Day Baptist Churches of the north.

Picture of Khasu

Read the illustrated articles,
"The Cross and the Khasu"
and "Kusankha Kwanu."

Picture of roadsign

Visit the Game Reserves of Malawi, Moçambique and Zimbabwe.

Picture of burned house

Come with us on a Dangerous African Holiday and visit the ancient ruins of Zimbabwe.

Picture of Lake Malawi

Come with us on an enjoyable holiday on Lake Malawi and listen to more music from Africa.

More Malawi Photos in the Seventh Day Baptist
Malawi Photo Album

Read How God Called Us To Malawi and Listen to the Malawi National Anthem

Do you enjoy African Music from Malawi?
The CD is being produced by
Awandering Albatross Productions.

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