The Cantonment - Frazer Town

A Collection of all the Photographs on "India Hello, Bangalore Walla Namaskara!" - Part XXX

Frazer Town Stone 1910
A view of Mosque Road A designed window
House with a wreath over door Albert Bakery 1921

The Mangaram's Family House Decorative roof top
Abusha's Gym and Farm An old bungalow

Decorative roof top with lion Bethseda Church front
Small cottage a different roof top John Pinto's house side

John Pinto's house front White triple roof cottage opposite
Urdu Boy's School One of the remaining large flower pots

A lookout for trains view 1 Lookout another view
Lookout tiles period design 1901 Seven-day Adventist school, Spencer road

Wesley Mizo Church, Promnade Road, Pastor's house Creche in church compound
Wesley Mizo Church Wesley Church Foundation stone, 1888

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