Legends of Our Time

The Pillars and Strength of St. Joseph's Boys' High School

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Mrs. May (nee Andrews) and Mr. Richard "Dick" Pereira

Write-up anybody?

Mrs. Dorothy (nee Andrews) & Mr. Alec "Alvy" Alverez

Write-up anybody?

Mrs. Anne & Mr. Luke "Lugan" D'Souza

Under process of obtaining a photograph, Write-up anybody?

Mr. Percy "Smiler" D'Silva

Under process of obtaining a photograph, Write-up anybody?

Mr. Hartwell "Papa" Yates

Under process of obtaining a story, Write-up anybody?

A more serious and thoughtful, contemplative 'Papa' doing a puzzle at a staff picinic! My guess is that he is running a Cantata through his mind, converting a score from 1st viola to chello!

Miss G. Dias

Mrs. Mayers

Mr. Bhat

Mr. Ashwath

Mr. Francis

Under process of obtaining a photographs, Write-ups anybody?

To All Old Boys:

Any other Master or Teacher who touched you, please send in the name and a write-up or photograph, or your own tribute. Please Note, the Articles may be carried on the OBA, USA-Home Page or the UK-Home Page, with a Link from Here. That way, we all can share in our Tribute to Teachers from around the world. Some of the photographs have been obtained courtesy of Joe D'mello from the OBA Office collection.

Some Staff one cannot forget ... See Special Page ...

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Anyother names, please send in with your comments

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