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January 26 - March 6

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Note: We will meet at Tapped In every Sunday at noon GMT. You are all welcome to these meetings.

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Jan 26 - Feb. 1

All webheads and participants to this session.

Webheads from around the world meet every Sunday to share professional and personal issues. This is one of the ways we have created special bonds, and many of our collaborative projects have been born during these meetings. 

Sunday, Feb 1, Noon  (12:00) GMT, at
Tapped In - Reception Welcoming meeting


Feb. 2- 8

BJ. Berquist

Gives a tour around Tapped In.

BJ Berquist is an art teacher at the Loysville Youth Development Center, a residential male juvenile correctional facility in central Pennsylvania, USA. She was involved in the planning of the Civil Rights Forum held in TAPPED IN in May, 1998, leads several discussions at TAPPED IN, and is a Help Desk volunteer. BJ is an Associate Educator at TAPPED IN and edits the Tapis Newsletter and the Events Calendar. Look at to learn more about what she does at TAPPED IN and to see her smiling face! 1) Thursday, Feb. 5, 22:00 - 23:00 GMT


2) Sunday, Feb. 8,  Noon (12:00) - 13:00 GMT at:


Tapped In (text chat)

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Michael Coghlan


Explores the use of voice in language learning and teaching.

Michael Coghlan was teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in the classroom when he decided to become a volunteer online ESL teacher in 1997. His first assignment was to teach Listening Skills to a group of mixed level students around the globe.  From this he learned that if the motivation was there students of intermediate level English could independently use the Internet as a tool for learning, and that the greatest potential of the Internet in education lay in its ability to bring people together to communicate. In 1998 he and a group of like-minded ESL/EFL students and teachers were founding members of the Webheads online community, a community which still thrives to this day. The Webheads are regular presenters at online seminars and elearning conferences.
In 2000 Michael assumed the broader role of professional development in elearning for all staff in the South Australian Technical And Further Education (TAFE) system, and is currently the elearning coordinator at the Douglas Mawson Institute of Technology. He has designed and delivered online courses in ESL, eModeration, and Using Online Technologies, and is an online instructor for the Graduate Certificate in eLearning delivered by Adelaide Institute of TAFE. He has written widely on issues to do with elearning, and presented at several international conferences, both physically and as a remote presenter.
As a Flexible Learning Leader for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in 2003 Michael researched the use of online voice technologies. Not surprisingly, he is a passionate believer in the power of online voice communications to inspire and motivate students. 
 Wednesday, Feb. 4,
22:00 - 23:00 GMT, at

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Jonathan Finkelstein

Talks about the Learning Times community and its different tools.

Jonathan Finkelstein is the founder and President of LearningTimes, LLC and Executive Producer of The LearningTimes Network. As an educator, technologist, industry expert, and producer, he is focused on creating and deploying engaging, web-based and web-enhanced human environments, programs and curricula that foster learning, collaboration and community.
 Over the last several years, he has worked with numerous leading educational, corporate, and publishing organizations to build learning programs and communities online, including: Columbia University, the New York Department of Education, Harvard, Princeton, CalState University, New Visions for Public Schools, The New York Transit Museum, Lehigh, Houghton Mifflin, NASA, MetLife, and The Princeton Review, among scores of others. For more information, see .
 Thursday, Feb. 12,
16:00 - 17:00 GMT, at

Elluminate vClass at Learning Times 

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Andrew Pincon

Describes the features of the Alado virtual room.

Andrew Pincon is Chairman of the Inner City Computing Society a technology infrastructure provisioning, non-profit, providing design/build, turn-key infrastructure services to US Computer Training Centers (CTC) and the Chairman of the Digital Workforce Education Society. Mr. Pincon is also President and CEO of Alado Development, Ltd, a consulting engineering practice, with clients like the US Small Business Administration, The IL Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, OSHA, US Postal Service, Compaq Computer Corp. and Qwest Telecommunications. He is a member of Illinois Governor's Small Business Task Force and the Illinois eGovernment Working Group and on a number of other Chicago and Illinois technology committees. Mr. Pincon has over 30 years of international engineering and business experience.   Sunday, Feb. 15,
14:00 - 15:00 GMT, at

Alado Virtual Room



Feb 16-22

Barbara Dieu

Talks about blogs in language learning and teaching.

Barbara has been teaching English to secondary school students at the Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo for 20 years. Since 1997, she has become more and more involved in ICT(website: and had her students participate and contribute to many international projects online. She coordinates the Foreign Language Department, belongs to the ICT committee and represents This is Our Time project for French and Portuguese speaking countries ( She is responsible for organizing the Time Classroom Twinning Activity for different schools around the world ( and co-hosting the Euro Language Forum at Tapped In. She is among the finalists of the 2003 GSN Online Shared Learning Award. Monday, February 16,  22:00 - 23:00 GMT, at 

Tapped In (ASO)



Arnold Mühren

Talks about the use of a/synchronous tools in online tutoring.

Arnold Mühren has been a teacher of English in secondary and tertiary education, and an educationist involved in primary teacher training at Inholland University Alkmaar until recently. He coordinated the development of a ground-breaking two-year Post-Graduate Certificate of Education, the first of its kind in the Netherlands, and directed this teacher training programme for a number of years. He designed and developed an annual three-month Erasmus programme on the themes of inclusive education and reflective teaching for visiting students from across Europe, and tutored on it for five years. In the past few years he has been working freelance as an e-learning designer and adviser. In 2000 he was awarded a Masters in Open and Distance Education (OU UK), with a distinction for his second year course work concerning applications of information technology in online and distance learning. He has been participating in several online learning groups and communities over the past years (such as DEOS-L, elearningleaders, eModerators, Webheads-in-Action). Arnold is an online tutor for the University of London's Institute of Education on the Certificate of Online Education and Training.      Saturday, February 21,
16:00 - 17:00 GMT, at

Alado Virtual Room 

Web Page


Feb 23-29

Michael Krauss

Talks about online materials design.

Michael Krauss has been teaching ESL at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon for over 18 years.  His special interests include CALL, content-based instruction, and teacher training to facilitate Internet use in the classroom.  In 1998, Michael began teaching online with the U.S. Information Agency (now part of the State Department), and has developed an online course, "Integrating the Internet into the Classroom," which he teaches for the Graduate School of Education at Lewis & Clark.  Michael is interested in conducting CALL training abroad and is planning a trip to Russia later this year for the State Department.  Michael's materials for student projects and teacher training can be found on his home page at     Monday, Feb. 23,
 20:00 - 21:00 GMT, at

Tapped In 

Web Page (pres.)

Isabel Perez

Talks about creating interactive exercises online.

Isabel Perez is an English Teacher at IES Isaac Albeniz in Málaga. Fifteen years of experience in Secondary Education. Several articles, talks and courses on the topic of Internet and CALL. Webmaster of /
. Currently participating in two Projects related to teaching vocabulary in secondary and tertiary education. The ADELEX project , (A course for assessing and developing lexical competence on the Internet, English Philology Department - Universidad de Granada) and the INTERLEX project (Vocabulary for students in secondary education) 
Also working in her Ph. D. Thesis related to Webquests, reading and vocabulary learning.
 Wednesday, Feb. 25,
21:00- 22:00 GMT, at

 Tapped In


March 1-6

Vance Stevens

Explains what it means to be a member of Webheads and what binds its members together.

Wia Coordinator.  From 1997-2003, Vance Stevens was CALL (computer-assisted language learning) coordinator at the MLI in Abu Dhabi. An ESL teacher since 1975, he has implemented CALL since 1979. He has conducted research, produced numerous publications and CALL software, and was Director of ESL Software Design at a software publishing company in California. He has also served on the editorial boards of major professional journals, e.g. TESOL Quarterly and CALICO Journal, and is currently "On the Internet" editor of the TESL-EJ (Electric Online Journal). He is past chair and founding member of the CALL Interest Section in TESOL, current EVOnline Liaison to the Distance Education Sub-committee of TESOL's Professional Development Committee, and serves on the Executive Committee of APACALL (Asia-Pacific Association for CALL). Since 1996 he has developed online language learning environments resulting in two robust communities of practice based on the 'Webheads' concept of personalized web pages and weekly synchronous online events.

  Monday, March 1, Noon (12:00)  GMT, at

Tapped In

Vanderlei de Souza

A tour to his MOO
(Multiple User
Dimensions Object Oriented)


EFL Teacher, working for Faculdade de Tecnologia de Indaiatuba - SP - Brasil. Nowadays, I am about to start my doctoral studies at USP - Universidade de São Paulo.


Saturday, March 6, from 18:00 to 19:30 GMT. at


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