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Bhutan Women and Children Organisation (BWCO) is an independent non-profit and non-governmental human rights organisation. It was established on November 23, 1991 in exile by Bhutanese women  for the establishment of democracy; protection, promotion and defence of democratic values, human rights, women’s and child rights in Bhutan through peaceful and non-violent means.


Bhutan is ruled by an absolute monarchy. It does not have a Constitution or Bill of Rights. The section of society most notably excluded from the process of development in Bhutan in terms of both the beneficiaries and the contributors - is women. Women population, which comprises almost half of the total population in Bhutan, has been so far neglected, discriminated and exploited. They have been deprived of most of the opportunities including access to business and industry, gainful employment, skill development training, education, health etc. They do not have access to education, gainful employment, economic resources, political process and decision-making institutions. Their representation at the policy and decision making bodies is negligible. In total, the status of women is very low in Bhutan.

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