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There are more than 30,000 Bhutanese refugees living outside of the refugee camps in Nepal and India, without any relief and assistance. Many late comer refugees were denied a place in the refugee camps. They do not have any regular sources of income. So, many poor and needy Bhutanese refugee children living outside of the camps are finding it difficult to attend the schools due to very bad financial conditions of their parents. Their parents are not in a position to send them to schools due to their poor financial conditions.


In view of the above, Bhutan Women and Children Organisation (BWCO) started a  children's educational programme  in 1998, to help a few poor needy refugee children to receive education. Currently, ten refugee children are studying in the schools in Kathmandu.

These children get socialisation in their own culture, tradition and community. Socialisation in their own community will help them build their vision for their society. In the long run the children as growing individuals must learn to respect and appreciate other religions, cultures and people of different ethnic background along with their own. This might sound paradoxical to the racial hatreds and religious and social discrimination these children vividly encountered while in Bhutan. But it is necessary as a need for the development of cultured and civilised people and society. This prepares the refugee children to live more harmoniously with their fellow brethren when they return home

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