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Stories & Pictures: Read a story, draw a picture about it, and show it in our gallery

Collages: Dot-to-dot, Heritage map (dot-to-dot)

Game chart template

Download PDF sheet

Board Games:
Board game creation
board game surface -
circular, wavy, rectangular, spiral

Colouring (print to colour/decorate):
Bessie Coleman, V. Cudjoe, Guy Davis, Mae C. Jemison, Latimer, Makeda, Malcolm X, Mandela, McCoy, Menes, Nefertiti, Peggy Downes, Oprah, Socrates

Older Kids: Create a graphic design. Instead of using solid colours, use shapes or letters. If you're colouring using solids, try shading (For example, on a face you would use different browns. Darker brown for areas which would be darker, white or yellow for areas which should look as if the sun is shining on them. Don't press on the paper much for areas which would have a shine on them).
Other things you can create with these pictures: Iron-on transfer (for t-shirts and bags), collage, pouch, etching, book wrap, curtain or pillow image ... instructions for these will be listed later, but if you need help in the meantime,
contact us.

Budget Tip: Always check your local craft or art shop's bargain bin for low-cost supplies. And, don't forget that the printing company in your area may be willing to give you scraps (usually very good sheets of paper in odd sizes - such as 8" by 8" square pieces, etc.) for free or a at a very low price.