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Gokudo, on the left, is dubbed "The Worst Hero."

Gokudo-kun Manyuki can be translated as "Gokudo: The Tale of a Rambling Wanderer." That title pretty much says it all about this show. Gokudo is probably "The Worst Hero" because he seems to have severe psychological problems, not to mention the fact that this "hero" has a propensity for nose-picking, ear-picking and pick pocketing. Gokudo and his friends pretty much spend the entire series bumbling from crisis to crisis, screaming all the way, and making us laugh while doing it. Needless to say, this show is bizarre, but it's funny and well worth watching. Hopefully, it will come to the U.S.

One final note on this show. It's one of those Anime that straddles the line between boy's and girls manga, so you get lots of action and sword play from people who, in real life, would be too skinny to lift a hamster, much less swing a sword. Be sure to check out Pioneer's Gokudo-kun web site if your browser supports Japanese.

And now for some images from the first LD.

But before then, one more note. Gokudo has finally come to America! Yay! Perhaps the Pioneer people read my site! Maybe not...

The above images are from the Pioneer Animation Homepage section on this series. Click above to go there (Japanese only).

The following images were copied from the Gokudo-kun laserdiscs

Gokudo-kun in one of his more suave moments. I'd wager that he's likely to have greater success without the glove.

Nothing wrong with cleaning the ol' ears while someone's speaking to you, is there?

MOSHI MOSHI!!! This genie knows how to get your attention.

Gokudo-kun prepares for battle. The genie is much cuter in her female form, eh? Tell me that thing on her head isn't inspired by "Star Wars."

A vengeful, drunken genie turns Gokudo-kun into a girl. Uh...can anyone say "Ranma?"

"What a cute girl!" says the man.

"Cute girl?!" asks Gokudo.

A shot from the ending sequence. I know people who can only dream of being this sophisticated.

sinto muito pela lingua mais foi a unica q achei pq naum coneço esse anime...

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