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Remember many OM’s around the world are looking for  a QSO with your station to get a QSL card from, many of them want to send you directly a QSL card Direct  with some fee’s or IRC covering mail expenses. 

We use this discussion to record common questions and answers that crop up in the course of working on our project. Appropriate topics include software or hardware configuration, good sources of tools, and anything else that people in the project or interested in similar areas would find generally useful.

Every Friday, 03:00 am

Please enjoy this on your radio HELP US ! We’re sending this MESSAGE invite you to come every Friday evening on BWW NET 7.045,00 kHz.  Start around 3,00 UTC (TMG) you’re also a BWW Coordinator. LOOKING SPECIAL ON WINTER !

For sure you will be very WELCOME on this NET !  

Every Saturday, 08:00 am

Please enjoy this on your radio HELP US ! We’re sending this letter invite you to come every Saturday morning on BWW NET 14.17700 kHz.  Start around 8,00 UTC (TMG) you’re also a BWW Coordinator.  

NETs and Meeting Frequencies

BWW NET Frequencies

Frequency    	Bands
14.177 kHz     	HF 20 Meters
21.277 kHz     	HF 15 Meters
28.477 kHz    	HF 10 Meters 
18.147 kHz     	HF 17 Meters
24.947 kHz    	HF 12 Meters 		
2-Way CW
Frequency       Bands
14.057 kHz     	HF 20 Meters
21.057 kHz     	HF 15 Meters
28.057 kHz    	HF 10 Meters
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If you need a QSL Manager or a good  QSLprinting card

We can help you on searching a QSL Manager or printing QSL cards.          Lets us know what you need

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BWW DX'peditions

You can plan a good and very interesting operation  as a portable on a Island, Castle or Lighthouse on your country. You're serving as tourism promoter on your country and also  promoting amateur radio.
May be you can have a very good and enjoyable vacations on another country and if you bring your gear you can have a lot of amateur radio fun .
Has already appeared in an external publication.
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Do you want to be a QSL Manager

You're serving others
If You are retired or if you have free time, you can work as QSL Manager.  Just tell us what kind of software logging and your e-mail d you can receive montlhly logs from the DX station.
         There are same DXpeditions or personnal DXer asking for Managers.
Certainly your work will be recognize for many Hams around the world.

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