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DIESEL Tutorial (ACAD)
Solid Edge 14 (Tut)
Unigraphics (V18)
Pro/E (Tutorial)
CNC (Solid Edge)
IronCAD (Tutorial)
DWG-JPG (Using VB)

Crack the Ice.
 Finite Element Analysis
Legendary Plate w/ Hole.
 LWPline Around Text
Source Code in VBA.
 Missing Semicolon
DCL Pitfalls n Remedies.
Play the game.
 Cube or Hexagon
Cad Illusion
 Music Time
A CAD Winamp skin.
 Want a CD ?
Have a CD.
 Have a query ?
Get an answer.
CAD Standards
Fatal Errors
Easter Egg
Q & A
Tips n Tricks
Knowledge Base
Source Code 1
Source Code 2
Source Code 3
Tutorials 4U LISP-Projects

The seven habits of highly efective AutoLISPers

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Not just AutoLISP, you are hungry for more...
Learn DCL, Shape Prog, slide libraries , shape files, DIESEL prog, new linetypes and hatch patterns...

  Take the CAD CrossWord ... total 6 crosswords to solve in leisure - AutoCAD commands, AutoLISP functions, system variables and General AutoCAD terminology (in PDF format).

CAD Games - FreeFall, Sweeper, Transpose.
Tickling CAD Puzzles and CAD Illusions.
Wow ! things - CAD WinAmp Skins.

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Dawn of a new era

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