Rich Wheeler,

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  • Whitewater Coverup + CIA Drugs/Mena + Arkansas Flu + Indonesian Money + ... = tick tick tick...

  • Clinton jokes (pardon the redundancy)

  • Backpacking & hiking (Emigrant Wilderness, Yosemite, Mt. Whitney, and the upper Sisquoc)

  • Amateur Radio for the economically impaired (AA6RW - extra class)

  • Aerospace-related SATCOM and data comm

  • Techno-thrillers (Tom Clancy, Steven Coonts)

  • My Tribute To National Whiner's Day (Dec. 26, 1995)
    Sorry, I had to delete this magnificent prose. Too many people choked on it.

  • Alleviating my megacommute-induced sleep deficiency

  • I am neither a charismatic nor a fanatic, but I am a Christian first and a fundamentalist second. And despite being an ultra-conservative, extreme right-wing, fundamentalist Christian, I'm still fairly non-judgmental and really a nice guy once I overcome my shyness.

  • and Straight Thinking about the inhumane torture and slaughter of pre-natal babies.

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