Hi, my name is Steve Herrick, of Mason, then Alma, then Detroit, Michigan, and then Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua, and now back in Mason. This is the stuff I'm into. This site is in the process of being updated (in contrast to all other web pages). Coming soon: more graphics!

My stuff
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Macintosh, despite all its troubles, remains the best computer on the market. Here's Apple's own take on why, and for list after list of lists of other reasons, check the MacMarines. The best site for Mac shareware and freeware is the Info-Mac HyperArchive.

An underrated site for finding generally specific info is the All-in-One Search Page. Check out the ambitious "Ask Jeeves".

My homepage is here at GeoCities, one of the fastest-growing sites on the whole Web. I live in the quiet, tranquil neighborhood known as CapitolHill.

Check out my old stomping grounds at Alma College, reluctantly featuring the homepage of Eta Nu (chapter of) Theta Chi (which used to have a reciprocal link back here on their alumni page (that's a hint!)), or my even older stompling grounds on the InghamNet Home Page.

Please take a look at my CEPAD page. CEPAD is a religious NGO in Nicaragua seeking to empower the poor. My wife Ellen and I spent a year there, through the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Political Stuff
After all, we are on Capitol Hill.
Warning: This section contains progressive and otherwise conservatively incorrect links. You have been warned.
My position on faith and politics is fairly nicely summed up in Christianity: Reactionary or Revolutionary? Another good one is the Faith and Social Justice page. One of the very best sites I've seen so far is the Dirty Hippy's Liberal Christian Home Journal, featuring an outstanding open letter to Ralph Reed, and a modest piece by yours truly. Other faithful progressives can be found here and here.

Look here for critiques of Libertarianism and Objectivism, to help you Fight the Reactionary Right. Of particular note is a great analysis of the Right. And there are still many more political resources - featuring links to more links! And I have some random thoughts.

Far be it from me to advertise anybody or anything -- unless it's an exceptionally worthy and progressive organization. Real Goods and especially Northern Sun both fit that description. (Just so you know, Macintosh is an unusally progressive company, aside from making great computers.)

"But Steve," you say, "what are people DOING politically?" Glad you asked. There's a long list at IGC of progressive, and even radical, activists. Look for such groups as Amnesty International, the Central Committee for Conscientious Objection, Earth First!, FAIR, Greenpeace, the Green Party, Pacifica Radio, and Planned Parenthood, to name only the better-known ones.

Any questions? Any answers? Write me!

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