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What To See

Locate most of the following places using this clickable map of D.C.


White House Tour Information
...or try a Virtual Tour of the White House from Past to Present
Tour the Capitol (plus House & Senate tour info)
Find your Congressman & Senators ~ here's a map of House & Senate office buildings
Library of Congress Exhibits
The Supreme Court


Arlington National Cemetary and Arlington House
Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
FDR Memorial
Washington Monument
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Vietnam War Veterans Memorial, featuring The Wall
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial


National Museum of African Art
National Air & Space Museum
The Art Museum of the Americas
National Museum of American History
National Museum of the American Indian
The National Archives
The National Building Museum
The Capital Children's Museum
The Freer & Arthur Sackler Galleries Asian cultures
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden Modern art
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
National Museum of Natural History
The Newseum Journalism & media museum
National Portrait Gallery
National Postal Museum
Smithsonian Institution


Foreign Embassies
Ford's Theatre
Mount Vernon ~ George Washington's Home
Washington National Cathedral
The National Arboretum ~ 444 acres of peace just 2 miles from the Capitol
The National Zoo (Check out the zoo cams!)
The Washington Post's "Scandals" Tour

What To Do

Washington City Paper's Local Bands Directory
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
The Washington Ballet
The Washington Opera
The National Symphony Orchestra
Shoot Some Pool
Direct Links to D.C. Theatre Home Pages (For comparative listings, see
The Washington Post's Theater Guide)
See a movie

What To Do Soon (Special Events)

See The Washington Post's Entertainment Guide
Check out the Smithsonian's List of New & Temporary Exhibitions
Washington City Paper's CityLights (daily non-touristy events)

What To Read

The Washington City Paper
The Washington Post
The Washington Times
The Washingtonian Magazine

What To Eat

Washingtonian Magazine's Dining Guide

What To Ride In

Washington National Airport Ground Transportation Information
1-800 Telephone Numbers for the Airlines
The Washington Post's Metrorail Guide
Amtrak schedules
Check out the current traffic situation. And if you're running errands,
plot your course efficiently and watch those speed traps!

What To Sing

The Capitol Steps

What To Think

The Brookings Institution
Capitol Hill Blue
Feeling disenfranchised? Visit The More or Less Honorable Billybob,
The New Republic
Roll Call
Slow news day? Construct your own conspiracy theory

Where Else To See DC On The Web

This page was selected as an official Washington, D.C. 'Power Broker of the Month' site by The D.C. Registry in November 1996 and we're still not over ourselves
The Washington, D.C. Chamber of Commerce
The Washington, D.C. Convention and Visitors Association
The DC City Pages
The District of Columbia Government Home Page
Yahoo!'s D.C. Web Page Directory
Local Public Broadcasting Station (WETA) recommendations
The Washington Post's Entertainment Guide

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