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A NOTE From Stephen H. Jecko; Seventh Bishop Diocese of Florida

The holy Spirit is constantly at work in our lives, renewing both individual hearts and entire communities of faith. Staying "in touch" with the Holy Spirit's work is not easy for mere mortals. Often we need help.

Programs of spiritual renewal represent help. They are the fruit of many dedicated people, whose task is enabled a renewed sense of God's presence in our lives. These minitries reach out to each of us at the various stages of life's journey.

True spiritual renewal is not just another fad or program. It is an authenic moving of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we respond to God's call to a holy nation of believing people, impacting the world around us. The ministries described here are effective instruments in the life of the Church, enabling us to be spiritually renewed people wherever we enage our lifes. My prayer is that God will bless your involvement in these effective and exciting avenues to renewal.

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