The World Movement for Peace in Bosnia Society was started in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in June of 1993 by a number of Canadians concerned about the current crisis in Bosnia. We are a registered society and we are in full operation.

Our mission is to promote and assist in the achievement of a peaceful and equitable solution to the crisis in Bosnia-Herzegovina and to help those suffering from the consequences of this cruel war.

Fund raising events are ongoing and any money raised goes toward the purchase of medicines, food and clothing for the population. Please check our current project.

Current Projects

Volunteers Needed

Anyone who wishes to be a member/director to help in all functions of running this charity, please contact:

Linda Akerman
3561 240th street,
Langley, B.C. Canada V2Z 2J3
Fax: 604-530-8114

Your help is really needed. Thankyou.

Federal Charity No: BN890989247RR001 November 22, 1993

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