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WWW Sites Approved by the Tinman

All right,here are the cool WWW pages you should check out that I give the thumbs up for...

CNN Interactive: By far,one of the best news pages on the WWW.

Libertarian Party:Click here to learn more about the Tinman fave political philosophy.

George The official site of the greatest stand up comic in the world today. I love George Carlin. If you have a problem with him, then fuck you, you fucking cocksucker!!!!!

The Onion:News from a different point of view.....a funny one.

The Atlanta Braves Home Page:Atlanta's favorite baseball team hits one out of the park with this site.

Neal Boortz Home Page: The Atlanta talk show host has his own WWW page where he has great libertarian ideas and worthless right wing,conservative crap. I'd say I agree with 55 to 60 percent of what he says. The radio station,WSB AM 750(again here in good old Atlanta),has the show on Real Audio. If you want to listen to the show,check it out from 8:30am-12 noon Eastern. He may be wrong sometimes,but he's never boring.

Electronic Newsstand:This is the place where you can get the lowdown on all of your favorite publications. I love to read,so I especially dig this one.

National Public Radio: No matter how much Saturday Night Live want to butcher it,NPR is cool.One of the best news departments and some of the greatest talk shows on the dial.

Jim Rome Home Page:The Pimp in the Box,Jim Rome,has his own Jungle WWW page. All of you cyber clones can run smack on the WWW now.

Yahoo!: Great directory for WWW pages,which included this one if you spelled my name right.

Creative Loafing: The second largest indepenent newspaper in the country,right here in the ATL,and on line.

The Cheetah: One of the posh strip clubs in town. If you're in town for a Braves game,check it out. Say hello to Bridgette and Macy for me.

Inserection:The adult video and toy chain formerly known as 9 1/2 Weeks:A chain of stores that rent and sell cool mature audience viedos as well as other knick knacks. Stop by before the goodie two shoes bastards ruin it for all of us. WWW directory with the Dirty South in mind.....

Fox News Channel: I still think that CNN is still the big boy on the block when it comes to all news channel,but Fox News is right up there with them.

Jennicam:This chick has a good idea. Put a camera in your bedroom that download pixs every three minutes and charge people to see the shots. Damn good idea. Wish I wouldv'e thought of it first.

WCW Wrestling:FUCK YOU!:I dig wrestling,whether it's pre-planned or not. The Time Warner/Turner Broadcasting owned company provided the greatest display of what I call a "full contact soap opera". DDP rocks:Maybe he can show me how to slap the Diamond Cutter on somebody....

Flash Mountain: Go check this one out for yourself,people. You GUYS will thank me.

The X-Files Home Page:Gotta love this show. This is the offical WWW page,which has all of the 411 on the Fox show. It also has cool shots of the charachters,including Dana Scully,Gillian Anderson alter ego. Gillian Anderson,as you all know,is only one of the hottest women in the public eye....and one of the few that I think is cool.

Art Bell Home Page: Another one of my favorite talk show hosts,who happens to put it down in the late night hour. He's always been big,but got national attention for rapping to the Heaven's Gate crowded before they offed themselves. In fact,Bell was picked up after that link was discovered. Anyway,the guy is interesting. Listen to him if you can and visit the page.

South Park on Comedy Central:I freakin' love this show. This is the offical Comedy Central web site for the show. Cartman is my boy!

Cartman:The Game: Like I said,Cartman is my boy on "South Park". Here's a viedo game you can play starring him. See which famous game it reminds you of. You need a kick ass browser for this one.

Beef-Cake.comThe biggest and most ultimate fan site devoted to "South Park". Check out Cartman's "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch" remix.

The Daily Show on Comedy Central: Another show on Comedy Central that I watch religiously. Join Craig Kilborn and play Five Questions. Remember,it's all about the Daily.

Swoon: This one has a look at our little society. It also includes the WWW sites of GQ,Glamour,Mademoiselle,and(my favorite men's mag)Details.

Maxim Magazine: Another mens magazine that is worthy. They talk about the most important things in a guys life:Sex,beer,money,gadgets,clothes,fitness...or something like that

Amateurcam:Good looking women and cameras. What else is there in life?

Trivial Pursuit:One of my favorite board games makes its way to the WWW. Go see the offical page and play a round or two.

Wu-Tang Clan Home Page:The hottest rap group keeps it real on the WWW,taking it from Shaolin to the U.K and back.

Lilith Fair Home Page:Yeah,I know you know how I feel about some things and you probably wouldn't expect to see this on the link page. But Sarah is cool and this is a great concept.

Mr. Showbiz:If you love all aspects of entertainment,check this one out.

Billboard:See where your favorite artists are on the charts.

Marvel Comics: The company that makes the best comics in the world has it all for the true believers right here. Fuck DC Comics.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution:This is the local multicolored fishwrap for the ATL....on the Internet.

The New York Times: One of the top news papers in this country. Very very good.

The Washington Post:Another one of the best newspaper this here country has to offer outta D.C.

USA Today:Another good newspaper..with lots and lots of color. out what the hell is happening in this country...or even your own neighborhood with this one.

The Smoking Gun:Lots of cool documents on important events....and some celeb docs too...

Lench Mob Home Page: See what one of the greatest rappers in the world,Ice Cube,is doing.

Guinness:The WWW page of the best stout on earth. The Irish are cool for this one. site formerly known as Audionet, it's the online voice on the Internet. You can hear all types of stuff from radio stations around the country as well as other good sound bytes.

WSB AM 750:One of the top newstalk radio stations in Atlanta. Get consumer advices and other goodies from the ATL.

NewsRadio WGST:Another top notch newsradio station here in the ATL. Check out the Kimmer if you can.

99X:The top notch alternative rock station here in the ATL. Hear some Bush or Nirvana.

Radio Disney:Yeah, I said that "good","clean",and "wholesome" sucks. However, Radio Disney IS cool. They break out cool Disney songs as well as top 40 hits. Any radio station that consistently has "Weird Al" Yankovic on rotation has to be cool. It's AM 590 here in the ATL. For those of you in other cities,check the site for the dial frequency for you.

TV Guide:Don't know what's playing on the OTHER monitor? Go to this site and find out what's playing in your area code.

Entertainment Weekly:One of my favorite magazines,finally on the Internet. It gives the total skinny on music, books,multimedia,television,and movies.

The Jerry Springer Show:FUCK YOU AGAIN! I dig Jerry Springer. The host of the show presenting the biggest dregs of humanity has a spot on the WWW. Visit the site and start a catfight.

Hasbro:The maker of the best board games like Trival Pursuit, Monopoly, and Risk.

Capcom:Home page to the company that makes the best video games ever,like Street Fighter and its variations.

Worst of the WebA site that featured some of the more below average sites out there.

TerraServer: Hey,I can see your house from here! So can you. Check out this one and use the satellite to see your house from an aerial view.

Monopoly:Another one of my favorite board games. I think they're working on a new token. Stop by and see.

Risk:Another one of my favorite board game. It's war....and it's on.

Amonymizer: The way to keep it on the down low.

Friends: The Offical Site The offical WWW site to MY favorite sitcom that is currently in production. Go see how Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phobe, Monica, and Joey are doing.

The Offical Cypress Hill Site: The main site for B-Real and company to kick it....

White Trash Online: Yeeehaa! This one for my crackas and my rednecks in the house!

The Guerilla Pages: The best anti-Republican site on the Internet. I love this one. Remember, I'm not necessarily pro-Democrat, but I'm sure as hell anti-Republican. Go Jeff!

The Dialectizer: Change any WWW page to jive, redneck, or even Swedish Chef! Do I even need to go into this one?

This list is far from done. When I find more cool links,they'll be up here.

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