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Officer Aaron Jovon Blount

Born March 30, 1977 
Passed April 22, 2003
Killed in the line of duty
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Officer Down Memorial Page

Officer Brett Alan Bousquet

Born January 4, 1976
Passed April 5, 2003

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Map of my beat at APD Audio Files My Background Pics

As of 03-01-2007 I am now providing two police scanner feeds to ScanFulton.com, Click link to be taken to the page.



Man Gets stuck in river, Has to be rescued (in pictures)





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My yahoo screen name is: Stark148

You can reach me through my skype account as well.  It is msstark2.  If I am around I will usually answer it.

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Check out the book a buddy of mine wrote.  Click below for details on odrering .



A five second moment of silence is asked of everyone who views this page, for the last officer who has lost his life in the line of duty protecting the innocent, as well as the guilty.
Go to Downed officer page.

View the single most important document that police officers are sworn to abide by.


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