Review :  Arkangel No. 15

This issue of Arkangel has a striking cover; it is described in an Editorial inside :

"The cover of this issue depicts the process by which we can bring about the collapse of the structure on which animal abuse is built. Thousands of dedicated people chipping away. Some causing small cracks, others creating great crevasses, but all working in unison which will lead, eventually to our goal -- Animal Liberation."

Arkangel itself certainly strives towards such unity. Elsewhere in the issue, however, reports show schisms and a lack of ideological discipline. It is not for us to involve ourselves in this and so I pass it by.

Arkangel has listings of both National and Local groups, International News and a What The Papers Say section. The last reproduced a very interesting article from Squall of Spring '96. This informed us that of the 187 complaints made to the Security Service Tribunal since it was set-up in 1989 all have been dismissed. Good to see that we have such an independent and conscientious body working on behalf of us all (not!). The only thing that surprised me is that there were 187 groups/individuals naive enough to complain in the first place!

An article by Robin Webb details a disturbing misuse of bail conditions. He was restrained "not to be party to any publicity for or on behalf of the Animal Rights organisations or any body with similar aims and objectives". So much for democracy!

Another interesting article concerned alleged plans by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to breed ostriches for meat on his Sydmonton Court Farm Estate.

The hated McDonalds is also featured. For more up-to-date information visit

Arkangel is a great source of info on the broad spectrum of the AR movement.

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