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Started 1.VII.1996, updated 17.VI.1998 (this page, whole site maybe later)

My keywords are RUSSIAN POLITICS AND ELECTIONS. More information about me - here.
If you are searching for the List of Russian 'Oligarchs' - it is here - only in Russian, but with latin-transliterated version
Here are links to some my pages:
  • Russian Regional Leaders Elections: 1996; 1997; 1998
  • General Alexander Lebed'. Links collection
  • Russian Presidential Elections - 1996. Links collection
  • Russian Presidential Elections-1996: Official results (Changed 9.XI.97)
  • Russian Elections Results: 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996
  • Russian Federal Assembly: Powers and procedures
  • How to abolish capital punishment in Russia
    Links to pages in Russian - here
    RUSSIA-RELATED LINKS (in English):
  • RFE/RL - Latest News Briefs
  • OMRI daily news with searchable index
  • RIA Novosti : Hotline | Daily press review
  • Interfax Headlines | Latest News at Maximov's server
  • News from Russia (Worldwide Media Relations) - about 24 kb of one-paragraph reports from and about Russia
  • The StPetersburg Times
  • World News: MSNBC | CNN | Yahoo! | RFE/RL | Reuters
  • US strike against Iraq: CNN report | Massoud Barzani's , Jalal Talabani's , Saddam Hussein's stands

    DATABASES etc.

  • Russian Politics Page (by Albert L.Osterheld at aimnet.com)
  • Russian Presidential Elections-1996 (by Dmitri Gusev at indiana.edu)
  • Russian Federal Assembly (by Moshe Haspel at emory.edu)
  • Russian studies centre of Norwegian Institute of International Politics Database
    (something in English, something in Norwegian).

  • Detailed Instruction on Netscape Russification at Relcom server (Russia) and its mirror at Sovinformbureau site in America.
  • You can read Russian WWW sites without Russian fonts - in transliterated mode: just go here and type in the form any URL to start
  • National News Service Web site - Chronicle of the latest and forthcoming events. Databases on russian bodies of power and elections-96 filled jointly by NNS and Panorama.
  • Government Information Department
    Lycos and Yahoo are not enough. Try Spider (Pauk) (something like Russian Yahoo) and David Tolpin's searcher (he calls it 'little Russian Lycos').

    Alta Vista also understand Russian letters (in any encoding).

    Index on Russian Literature texts by WWW
    Russian Literature at the WWW
    The WWW Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies
    Russian literature archives
    "Thick Magazines"


  • Mikhail Gorbachev's Home Page at Green Cross Intl, Switzerland
  • Yeltsin's Administration site
  • Yegor Gaidar in his Institute for the Economy in Transition (KOI-8 or WIN)
  • Moscow Libertarium - (another tusovka of liberal politicians and publicists).

    relcom.politics | soc.culture.russian | alt.current-events.russia | pol.russia | soc.culture.russian.moderated | soc.culture.soviet | talk.politics.soviet | reg.ussr

    More Russian links - here
    Good luck.
    Grigory Belonuchkin

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