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Mercy Award

The Golden Heart Society gives the Mercy Award to honor those Web sites that, by their content, function, or example, significantly foster and promote the amelioration of human suffering or adversity.

This is most clearly achieved when a Web site disseminates information that is intended to discourage hostility, remove or lessen a source of physical or emotional pain, counter oppression, remedy an injustice, or otherwise edify people in a way that will be likely to ease a burden for some. Such would be done as a public service, altruistically.

The Mercy Award Honored site must meet a much stricter criterion of qualification.than Harmony Award Honorees; thus all Mercy Award Honorees also receive the Harmony Award. Nomination for the Mercy Award is appropriate for those Web sites that clearly provide a helpful, charitable human service. The Mercy Award is a special honor reserved for special sites.

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Authors of sites honored with the Mercy Award may download for display either of the award icons below by saving the image (right-click on either image, choose "save as" from the pop-up menu). Please display the icon on your home page, and link it to the index page for this site (http://www.oocities.org/capitolhill/2668/)


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