Ralph Brandt - Common Sense in York, PA

Common Sense
an Uncommon Virtue.

Thomas Paine penned a pamphlet before the American Revolution
called "Common Sense". When I started my page I thought it a good
title but did not want to take anything from this great founder of
our country. So I added the "in York PA.".

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The Freedom Fighter (5/28/2001) Church Leadership - Posted 01/19/2002 Correction of Church Leaders California Power mess (5/28/2001)
A Cloud of Witnesses Errors of the 20th Century Church One World Government Use the Atomic Bomb?
Abuse of Power Hatred in York County Stars, Bars and Hatred Don't be troubled
Al Gore Bill Clinton. Mayor Charlie Dan Delp
Term Limits Bill Goodling Weighed and found Wanting Abuse of Power
Unity in Christ COD or AWOL One Life Christianity
Love Free Masonry Fathering My favorite part.
Christian Marriage A Perfect man? Homosexuality. Abortion
The Soldier.. Ford and Air Bags American Management American Small Business
A Conservative A Liberal Politics Political Correct LIES
MADD about DUI OJ is guilty Newt Ginrich Pimping for Poverty
Guns and the NRA Stories from Caterpillar WORLD WAR II (A novel) A CULT GONE WILD(A novel)
My Resume WEB Page authoring Guide. Boiling Springs High School (Class of 1961) York Community Access Television.
Labor Strife U.S. Labor? YEAR 2000 PA Quarter
Lesbian Lies Religious persecution Local Government - York PA Atomic Warfare - Posted 06/9/2001
California Power mess (5/28/2001) Christmas message . .


York Christian Fellowship 31 years at Caterpillar Pennsylvania Highway Jokes Proclaiming His Word
A great network provider A great Home page by a great son. Shippensburg University of PA. (Class of 1965) My Son in Law's Page - Eli
My Daughter & Son in Law's Page - Annette & Allan Veterans Ring of Honor Web Page A Great History Page Essentially Yours another Yorker


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