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This web site was primarily created for students enrolled in Political Science 201 (American National Government) on the Williamson campus of of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. The Web links incorporated in this site should be helpful for any citizen who wants to gain more information about American national government and politics. This page is revised frequently to provide access to news, education, topics of regional interest, and the social sciences.

Links to other sites on the Web

The U.S. Senate
The U.S. House of Representatives
The White House
Library of Congress

Also see these links to the Web

West Virginia/Kentucky Connections My picks of local Web links concerning politics, education, news, weather and local history.

Help for Research Papers My links to guides for doing research papers and citing sources from the Web.

Community College Connections My links for Southern's faculty-- connect to other community colleges, professional organizations, and a wealth of information about community college education in the U.S.

Sociology 200 My links for students in Sociology 200.

Political Science 201 My links for students in Political Science 201--American National Government.

WebCT for Southern Faculty WebCT is a computer program that can be used by faculty to create on-line courses for students. This page explains how to use WebCT.

CollegesConnect to colleges which have Web-based classes--organized by topic from "A" (Accounting) to "Z" (Zoology)

Virtual Reference DeskAn on-line reference library--look up facts about everything in encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs,etc. A great place to research any topic!

C-SPAN Keep on top of politics with C-SPAN on the Web.


Vietnam Veterans The homepage for veterans of the Vietnam conflict.

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Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College
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