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An American Manifesto

By Paul A. Herbig

Dedication: To Col. (ret) L.W. Cracken, my father-in-law but father in spirit so his near-four score of experience, wit and wisdom would be shared with the rest of the world and from whose many outstanding ideas many parts of this treatise was derived (and kudos to his beautiful wife, my mother-in-law, Marilyn); To John R.W. Cracken, my brother-in-law but brother in spirit for all the support given us through the years (and his lovely wife Heather); to my own parents for the love and support they have provided me throughout my 45 years of struggle, and To Rachel, Robert, and William, my family forever and eternal for their love and understanding throughout this long endeavor. And to my old buddy Rick Kraas, whose Cadillaxy discussions twenty years ago led directly to this ideas expressed in this manuscript. Table of Contents Preface & Introduction Chapter 1: Responsibility Chapter 2: Leadership Chapter 3: Government Chapter 4: Congress Chapter 5: Regulations and Bureaucracy Chapter 6: Defense Chapter 7: International Affairs Chapter 8: Crime and Justice Chapter 9: Civil rights Chapter 10: Economic Chapter 11: Education Chapter 12: Health Chapter 13: Planning and National Goals Conclusions