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Hi all. s_jerusalem here. We are a binary being which will be running this page. It's dedicated to spreading the word about the brilliance of two of the finest comics being produced today,
DC's PREACHER and TRANSMETROPOLITAN. We put it here in Capitol Hill because this neighborhood is about having strong opinions and social consciousness,
and these books have all that and more.
Our title relates to both books in different ways, but we'll have a lot more to say about that
(and many other things [g]).
Please come back soon and visit we - there will be MUCH more interesting
stuff to read here in the near future.

5-6-99: In particular, we're putting together a long exploration of the issue of "Guns and the Nice Boys Who Love Them". It's a history of school shootings with attached essays, linkage, philosophy, and Ten Good Reasons Not to Blame DOOM, The Matrix, The Basketball Diaries, The World of Goth or Marilyn Manson. Please stay tuned for this special Post-Columbine Production, coming soon to this Transmet Feed.

You can write us at

So you won't be bored waiting for us, we've pulled together a collection of interesting links for you to browse. Don't take our word for it - read why other people think these are two of the best damn comics in print.

have shown interest in this topic and gone deep enough into the search results to reach our modest site.
We salute them. May they take justifiable pride in their possession of functional and curious minds.

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