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6 May, 2001:
Its been a fast couple months out here in Germany. After finishing my inprocessing in Febuary, I arrived at my unit when they were out in the field at Graffenwhoer training area. I learned a lot about the logistical side of things that I had always kind of avoided learning because I've never really been too interested in it. Since arriving, it seems like our social calendar has been really full. The day after I arrived in country, I attended our Regimental Ball, I've been to several Hail and Farewells, a Last Round Supper, the DIVARTY Dining-In, and the week before last I went with all the officers in the Battalion on a week-long staff ride to Belgium to study the Battle of the Bulge. Wow, my calendars been packed, but at least I've been having fun, and I've been learning a lot. This past monday I started a new job, I felt like I was plucked out of my old job as Food Service Officer as though a hand from above had just reached down and scooped me up. I'm now the 1st Platoon Fire Direction Officer (FDO) for A (gAtor) BTRY. This job is a more tactical position, and it is what I was trained to do, it also includes a lot less additional duties while in garrisson. I'm very happy about the move, and I'm excited about the future.

9 February, 2001:
Arrived in Germany. I am starting my job as the food service officer and Headquarters platoon leader for the service battery of 1-6 Field Artillery in Bamberg Germany.

24 January, 2001:
Graduated from FAOBC, and am taking about two weeks leave in route to Germany for my first duty assignment.

21 December, 2000:
Tonight I asked Tina Rueckert to be my wife. I love her with all my heart, and I know that she is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. The wedding is set for next Christmastime. It is going to be a pretty hard next year and a half or so because during that time our Army commitments will keep us from spending a lot of time together. All the time apart is worth it though to be with this one incredible woman.

08 August, 2000:
arrived at Ft. Sill, OK for Field Artillery Officer's Basic Course (FAOBC). FAOBC is where I learn my trade as a Field Artilleryman. I learn all the finer points about integrating field artillery fires into maneuver warfare and about getting rounds down-range on the bad guys. I really enjoy learning about the Field Artillery, and I am glad that FA is my branch. While I'm here I'm also getting into great shape in the Ranger PT program which is getting me into shape for Ranger school which I am volunteering for after I graduate from FAOBC.

10 June - 28 July, 2000:
ROTC Advanced Camp. Yes, the same place I was at around this time last year. The difference with this visit to scenic Fort Lewis Washington is that this year I was there as cadre. Whereas last year I was on the receiving end of things, this year I was on the giving end of things. My actual job was as a lane evaluator on the Audie Murphy Assault course. The Audie Murphy assault course is a pretty tough course the cadets have to run through. Although it is only four hundred meters long, the cadets spend about half of that distance crawling on the ground with their faces in the dust. They have to scale walls and slither under wires etc... while the whole time there are explosions and machine gun fire all around them and there is a lane evaluator (thats me) yelling at them to keep their heads down and to hurry up. Yes, the Audie Murphy assault course is really cool, and my job was easily the best at Advanced Camp. Although coming to Advanced Camp took a large chunk out of my summer that I was planning to spend with Tina and the family, it was still a great experience that I am glad I had the chance to have.

05 June, 2000:
Back in the states just two days and I am now a commissioned officer. Today I was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. My branch is Field Artillery, and I'm very excited about the future. Its going to be great that finally after 16 years of school I'm actually going to have a job.

16 May - 03 June, 2000:
Tina and I take a trip to Europe. This is one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life. We flew into Frankfurt, and then took the train North to Muenster where we met up with a German friend of mine named Olliver Heinichen. From Muenster we took the train to Paris, and then the next day rented a car and drove up to Normandy and then down through the Loire Valley. We returned to Paris and then took a train to Geneva and then to Antibes on the French Riviera. After a few days of basking in the Mediterranean sun, we took another train to see Rome and the Vatican. After Rome we went north to Florence, and then north again stopping in Zurich on our way back to Frankfurt.
The trip was amazing, and I look forward to including a more descriptive detail on the webpage later and including lots of pictures. For now let me say that the trip was excellent, and I'm glad I had such a wonderful traveling partner in Tina.

14 May, 2000:
Today was my college graduation. It was obviously a major event for me, and a huge turning point in my life.

Mid Aprilish, 2000:
As the S3 of our BN, I became the OIC for our school's portion of the joint FTX. The joint FTX is a training event that includes cadets from ROTC cadets all around the region. My school was responsible for running the FLRC training day, and I was the OIC in charge of planning and running the event. It was a great experience for me to have this much responsibility, and have everything work out so well.

01 April, 2000:
We had the second Mini FTX of the year today. This was another 1 day training extravaganza planned by yours truly. We drove all the way down to Ft. McCoy (about 3 1/2 hours away) for Basic Rifle Marksmanship and Land Navigation training. We had some problems executing the plan the way I had forseen because of some delays in travel, so I had to make some on the spot decisions to ensure that training continued smoothly. Again it was rewarding to see my own decisions being carried out by those around me.

Early March, 2000 (pics coming soon):
I spent my spring break with my parents skiing out west. First we drove to Jackson Hole and skied with my brother Russ for a few days, and then we drove down to Salt Lake City, and we skied Alta Snowbird and Solitude. It snowed every day that I was out skiing, and I had some of the best runs of my life. Its unfortunate that people have to work in this world, I can't wait to retire young and devote all my time to skiing.

Late February, 2000:
I started dating my best friend Tina Rueckert. Its amazing how much we are alike. We stay up till all hours of the night talking about God knows what, and we never get tired of each other. I'm really excited about being with Tina, and I hope that everything works out.

20 February, 2000:
The Fox Valley Battalion had its first Mini FTX of the year today. It was a day of training jam packed with events such as the PT test, and obstacle course and a marksmanship competition. I am the Battalion S3 (Staff officer in charge of operations and training) this semester, so I planned the whole event. The day was a lot of fun, and it was really satisfying for me to watch my plan being executed.

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