Behind The Badge

Preserving the Dignity and Rights of the Men and Women who Sacrifice daily so that we may live Free

The Greatest Weapon in the History of Mankind is the MIND. The Internet is one of the most powerful tools to harness this power and use it to the benefit of all.

Who am I and What Purpose does this site serve?

Behind the Badge is formed by a Narcotics Investigator Supervisor from Alabama. My name is James McCulloch and I am the former director for the Lawrence County Alabama Drug Task Force. Effective January 19, 1999 I will be the Chief Deputy for the Lawrence County Alabama Sheriff's Department. I am investing my time and effort into this site to promote several things. First and Foremost, I am fulfilling my duties as a responsible police officer in helping to bring the community together. Law Enforcement's PRIMARY duty is to SERVE and then protect our citizens. We have excelled in protecting but sometimes fall short in our service. If an officer is to be worthy of standing behind the badge, he/she MUST take the responsibilities of leading and helping unite our citizens to function as a peaceful and productive society. We have chosen a profession which many consider heroic. If we are to fulfill this precious role, we MUST give 110% of our continuous efforts, treating EVERY man, woman, and child as a valued member of the community. We have chosen this and must constantly take the leading role to promote an ever-changing world around us, where our citizens look to us for advice, where our children look to us as heroes, where our needy look to us for a guiding hand. To give a man food for a week is good, but to teach a man to fish will feed his family for a lifetime. We must follow simple rules as this if we are to deserve to stand Behind The Badge.

Where to Go

Each catagory will hopefully be interesting and useful to both Law Enforcement and Non Law Enforcement. If you have any ideas on how we may improve this site to better serve you please let us know.

I'd like to thank Dennis Perry for this award as Dennis has the absolute best website I have ever seen related to Law Enforcement and our well being with the community. Check out his site, I promise you, you will not regret it!

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