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Attention Cribbers!! As some of you already know, I have ended my association with York University and have decided to move to Israel. I'll be working on a kibbutz (Ein Dor) and studying hebrew for a few months, and I hope to be back in Toronto by mid-April.

As you have probably noticed already, all Cribbage Inc. activity has halted since my computer crashed a couple months back. I apologize profusely, but take heart cribbers. I have continued to read my email, and though I have not updated the members' pages or newsletters, all member applicants are still in my files and will eventually be added to our organization (I currently have a backlog of over 600 members!!).

Racin1 (he's on ICQ) will be maintaining this site from now on (as soon as I give him all the passwords, etc.), so try to be understanding about delays (after all, I've been delaying for months!!).

I apologize for the long delay, and hope that you have not all been turned off cribbage in my absence....

Good luck, and happy pegging.
- Daniel Squid Surprise Goldlist October 26, 1998

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Quote of the day:

October 26 - "The global importance of the Middle East is that it keeps the Far East and the Near East from encroaching on each other."
- Dan Quayle

Cribbage Inc.was founded in 1992 by Robance Goldner at Earl Haig Secondary School in North York, Ontario, Canada. Since that illustrious moment, we have spread to the university level and beyond!! Now, we are the most powerful and influential cribbage organization in the entire world!!
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Cribbage Inc. now has a Chat Room!

You never know who you'll meet! See you there!


As you may have heard, our Greater President, Daniel "Squid Surprise" Goldlist, was asked by ABC Radio in Melbourne, Australia as well as CBC Radio in St. John, New Brunswick for an interview with a "Cribbage Expert" several months ago.

Daniel sent them a reply saying that he would be glad to volunteer, and also requested that a recording of the interview be sent to Cribbage Inc. Well... the interviews have been held (Ocotber 29 and late December of 1997 via telephone) and Daniel is now the first Cribbage Expert to be interviewed live on air anywhere in the world==>twice!! We will hopefully be receiving the tapes of the interviews within a couple of weeks, and hopefully we will be able to put a RealAudio file of it onto our web page for you to listen to, as well as a transcript. It just goes to show that we are the most influential Cribbage organization in the entire world!!

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Cribbage Inc. Welcomes our newest member: Randal "Aegis" McGavock!!

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