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The Game of Champions is now under the control of the Empire!!!

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April 1: Bwa ha ha ha!! You can not prevail over the Dark Side. Surrender now!

Cribbage Inc. was founded in 1992 by Robance Goldner at Earl Haig Secondary School in North York, Ontario, Canada. It was taken over by the Empire on April 1st. Now, the most powerful and influential cribbage organization in the western hemishpere has been crushed by the Empire!

We now posses the member list with email addresses, and we are already seeking you out.

NEW!! Igames' Internet Cribbage Download NOW!! A must for all Stormtroopers!

New and improved!! Cribbage Inc. Glossary V1.15 Jabba's personal favourite!

New!! Cribbage Inc. Members List We have your email addresses! You cannot escape!

Thorns and Sand A brainwashing technique used to enslave Herman the Cactus.

Previous quotes of the day Advice for Stormtroopers.

Don't go here! I'm warning you...

Cribbage Inc. welcomes our newest member: Jabba "the" Hutt

In the weeks to come, this page will change dramatically, as we seek out you Cribbage playing rebels, so check back frequently to find out about any late breaking developments.

We now have:

Check out these links for other great sites on the web. If you find any other worthy sites, please forward the URLs so they can be added to this list.

Links to other cribbage sites on the Web

CPrimus, a really good Computer Cribbage game!! Boba Fett's personal fav!
Jeffrey Schacher's Home Page - A great Empire site!
Hal "Crash" Mueller's HALSCRIB (game for Droids and Wookies)!

Friends of the Empire

The Phoenix Press is now under our control!
"Take a Hike" -a collaborative novel! Darth Vader's writing chapter 15: Vancouver to the Death Star!
We have captured Heather "Dorfmeister" Chan and confiscated her artwork too!
We are in pursuit of Laurance "Benevolent Benefactor" Yap! We almost had him, but he made his getaway by breaking the Galaxy speed limits! No matter, he too shall kneel before the Emporer!

You are one of people currently being pursued by the Empire! Moo ha ha ha ha!

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Daniel "Squid Surprise" Goldlist has surrendered AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL to the Dark Force!!!
Cribbage Inc. Rebels surrender now! Or we'll freeze you in liquid carbonate!


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