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This page which is just starting to be constructed will contain documents from and links of various anarchist groups that claim to be influenced by the Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists. It is for the moment at least an unofficial page, the work of one person and is neither endorsed by nor an endorsement of any group. It should also be understood that this is a listing of groups claiming a link to the Platform, they are not necessarily linked to each other at a formal or informal level. In fact there are major disagreements between some of these organisations even on fundamental questions like Trade Union work and the nature of Imperialism. If you have any documents of Platformist groups or histories about platformism you would like to add to this archive please email them to me at

I'm also going to put documents from other anarchist groups that are of particular interest here, in particular of groups that do not have access to the net. Comments and suggestions for improvements of these pages are very welcome. For the moment these pages will contain English language material (including translations) only but if anyone is willing to work on a parallel page in other languages I will be pleased to help them. Also if you can translate from Spanish, Italian or French I would be grateful to receive any of the documents on the web pages in these languages listed in the groups section.

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Key texts in Platformism

Discussion on the Platform

Some ofthe current and historic debate and discussion on the Organisational Platform of the Libertarain Communists and on 'Platformist' groups today

Discussion of the Friends of Durruti

Articles on this group of Spanish anarchists who opposed CNT collaboration with the republican government during the Spanish Revolution

Groups who identify with the Platform

Workers Solidarity Movement


Federation of Anarchist Communists (FdCA)


FdCA logo

Alternative Libertaire


Organisation of Libertarian Socialists


Al Badil al Taharouri


The five groups above met at a conference in the Pyrenees (Spain) in 1994. Below are further groups..

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Workers Solidarity Federation

[South Africa]

Anarchist Communist Federation


Organisation of Libertarian Communists


Uruguayan Anarchist Federation


Anarcho-Komunistyczna Organizacja Platform


Class struggle anarchist discussion list

Email me at and ask for details of the Organise list

This page is somewhat old, a more recent version can be found at

Publications of Platformist Groups

This list is currently incomplete

Workers Solidarity [Ireland]

Alternative Libertaire [France] (A.L.) & Regional publications (Details)

Workers Solidarity [South Africa]

Organise [Britain]

Alternativa Libertaria [Italy]

Courant Alternatif [France] (O.C.L.)

Documents and discussion on anarchist organisation

A collection of historical and current articles high lighting the debate within the anarchist movement on how we should organise. Obviously these concentrate on discussions around the Platform

Other Anarchist groups

These are texts from a variety of anarchist groups around the world that have not received wide circulation but deserve to and articles about the anarchist movement in different countries.

This page is somewhat old, a more recent version can be found at

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