Through Police Holsters: Encounters with Police Misconduct, Brutality and Use of Force in Canada 1975 - 1995

A disproportionate number of homeless and mentally ill individuals, as well as members of racial and ethnic minorities, arevictims of police abuse and brutality ranging from verbal epithets to unwarranted searches to beatings and killings. - Amnesty International

Albert Moses Albert Moses was shot and killed on September 29, 1994 by Toronto Police.

Isaiah Trickey In May 1994, Isaiah Trickey attended a party on Parliament St. where someone pulled a knife on him. Three officers, including constables Shawn Meaney and Thomas Ragell, showed up. Suddenly Meaney began questioning Trickey, convinced he was a drug dealer because he was wearing a pager. The constable grabbed Trickey, flung him against a wall, handcuffed him and hustled him into the elevator. That's when Meaney and Ragell beat up Trickey, at one point ramming him with a nightstick so hard that it broke one of his ribs. Trickey was charged with assaulting the officers and taken to the police station, spending a night in jail. Constables Meaney and Ragell were never investigated or disciplined by their employer.

Richard Barnabe Aged 38. Arrested by MUC officers after short car chase, December 14, 1993. Barnabe, a cab driver, had broken a church window seeking priest. Handcuffed and with broken ribs, he lay on police station floor where he went into respiratory and cardiac arrest. He remained in a coma until his death in hospital on May 3, 1996. Four officers found guilty of assault causing bodily harm have since rejoined the force: Pierre Bergeron, Louis Samson, André Lapointe and Michel Vadeboncoeur. Barnabe's brother, Raymond, also a police officer has since resigned from MUC.

Ernst Prophete Aged 34. Beaten by seven prison guards at Bordeaux jail after being arrested at Mirabel airport for parking tickets, August 2, 1993. Left unconscious, he stopped breathing and died. Coroner Jean-Noel Goupil found cause of death was heart attack. Prophete's sister, Bernadette, a nurse, called for public inquiry. Outcome not known.

Richard Ogilvie Aged 32. May 6, 1993 stopped by MUC police while entering his apartment. His left leg is broken in scuffle. Complaint filed. Results not known.

Wayne Johnson Aged 30. March, 1993, Ottawa. Police responding to call from Wayne's girlfriend, chase him to the nearby Rideau Canal where he falls in. Police fail to assist him and he drowns. His body is found the next day by his brother and friends. No charges are laid.

Ian Colley Aged 21. Ian Colley was shot and killed by a Toronto Police officer on April 20, 1993 in Scarborough. The police officer took 14 months to make a statement to the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). The officer has not been charged in the death of Ian Colley.

Trevor Kelly In January, 1993, Kelly was shot to death by police.

Luis Antonio "Tony" Vega 28 years old, shot and killed on December 26, 1992 at Kipling & Steeles, Etobicoke. No charges were laid against the officer involved. Officer involved was Timothy Gallant.

Raymond Constantine Lawrence Aged 22. Raymond Lawrence was shot and killed on May 2, 1992 by Toronto Police Constable Robert Rice. An inquest was held into the Raymond Constantine Lawrence shooting death. No charges were laid against the subject officer.

Kenneth Allen He was removed from a streetcar at University and Queen St. by Toronto police, on November 30, 1991. Later that day, it is believed that Kenneth Allen was choked to death by Toronto police Constable Paul Vanseters.

Osmond Fletcher On November 14, 1991, during a physical altercation with a police officer, Fletcher was shot in the head. The police claim he committed suicide.

Johnathan Howell 19 years old, shot and wounded on November 9, 1991 by Toronto Police Constable Carl Sokoloski. He was found guilty and given an absolute discharge by the trial judge.

Royan Bagnauth Aged 19. Royan Bagnauth was shot and injured by Toronto Police Constable Douglas Lined on November 3, 1991. Lined was charged with careless use of a firearm and was later found not guilty.

Vincent Gardner Aged 49. Vincent Gardner was shot and killed in Nepean, a suburban community on the outskirts of Ottawa. Admitted to Ottawa Civic Hospital on September 26, 1991 and died on November 16, 1991. In 1993, Constable John Monette was freed of all charges.

Marcellus Francois On July 3, 1991, he was shot to death by officer Michael Tremblay.

Marlon Neil Aged 17. Marlon Neil was shot in back twice while sitting in a locked car on May 4, 1990. Peel Region Constable Brian Rapson was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and criminal negligence causing bodily harm. He was acquitted by an all white jury.

Presley Leslie In April, 1990, he was was shot to death by police. The officer's name is unknown.

Sophia Cook Aged 23. Sophia Cook was shot and injured on October 27, 1989 by Toronto Police Constable Cameron Durham. Cook was sitting in a car wearing a seat belt when she was shot.

Michael Wade Lawson Aged 17. Michael Wade Lawson was shot in back of the head by Peel Region police officers on December 8, 1988. An illegal bullet was used. Constables Anthony Melaragni and Darren Longpre were charged with second degree murder and aggravated assault. Both were found not guilty by an all white jury.

Earl Edwards Shot from behind and injured by Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police on November 7, 1988.

Lester Donaldson 44 years old, shot and killed in his room on August 8, 1988 by Toronto Police Constable David Deviney. Deviney was charged with manslaughter but was later acquitted.

John Joseph HarperAged 37. On March 9, 1988, John Joseph Harper, a leader within the Aboriginal community was shot to death by officer Robert Andrew Cross of the Winnipeg Police Department. There was an inquest held and details of the findings are available Online

Anthony Griffin On November 11, 1987, he was shot to death by officer Allen Gossett.

Leander Savoury Shot and killed on January 30, 1985 by Toronto Police.

Michael Sergeant Aged 22. Shot and killed on November 20, 1979 by Toronto Police Constable Gary Mulholland. Mulholland was charged with careless use of a firearm; the charge was later dropped.

Albert Johnson Aged 35. Shot and killed in his home on August 26, 1979. Toronto Police Constables Inglis and Walter Cargnelli were charged with manslaughter but were later acquitted.

Buddy Evans Aged 24. Shot and killed on August 9, 1978 by Toronto Police Constable Clark. No charges were laid against this officer.

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