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Modern Paradox - Charles Schumer saying "I'm lying"

Who is this Spider guy?

I am Spider, and I'm a Constitutionist (something of a cross between conservative and libertarian). I am a proud and unrepentant gun owner and a staunch proponent of Second Amendment rights.

I live in Plano Texas, home of the many-time state champion Plano Wildcats. Plano is just north of Dallas, in case you're wondering, Plano - in fact, pretty much all of Collin County - is a conservative stronghold. Texas also happens to be a pretty good state to live in if you happen to enjoy shooting, be it hunting or other shooting sports, and believe in the right of self defense. We implemented our "Right to Carry" law a few years ago, and to no suprise our crime rate went down - thank you NRA, Peaceable Texans, etc.

This page is under constant construction, and will be updated every once in a while as my time permits.

I think it's disgusting that the gun banners are trying to politicize and exploit the 9/11 tragedy by attempting to connect it to gun control. Disgusting, but typical. Gun sales and carry permit requests have skyrocketed since 9/11 as Americans, including airline pilots, are realizing more and more that "We The People" are the first line of defense against terrorism. The government let us down with lax law enforcement (particularly in ther area of illegal immigration and visa overstays), failing to implement common sense regulations (airplane cockpits should have been fortified in the 60's when hijacking first became a problem), and ridiculous bowing to political correctness (airline pilots can be trusted to control a large aircraft full of fuel and 300 passengers, but not a dreaded firearm).

Be sure to email me sometime if you have a response to my opinions, a new site for me to check out, a new topic you'd like me to address, or a question about firearms. I'll respond.

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Philosophical Quiz - If Charles Schumer spoke in the woods, and no one was around to hear him, would he still be lying?


Senator Barbie Boxer (D-CA) has a "Junk Gun" site. "Junk guns" is just another contrived term used by the likes of her, Schumer, and the other anti-gun zealots to scare ignorant people. Leave her a message by following this link:
Barbara Boxer's "Junk Gun" site
Use the appropriate link there to email her office with your opinion.

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"God created man, but it was Sam Colt that created 'em equal"

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Never give the liberals an inch, because they'll take a mile and give it to kangaroo rats, drug addicts, the gay rights lobby, radical feminists, tree huggers, criminals......

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