There is list of the subjects that are treated in this page.

Part 1 -- Theory and Ideology

Definitions and manifests of Conservative Revolution

What's New Right, Nouvelle Droite, Neue Rechte, Novye Pravye? -- the texts, the persons, the commentaries, the links

What's New Left, Nouvelle Gauche, Neue Linke, Novye Levye? -- the texts, the persons, the commentaries, the links

The bases of the synthetic doctrine -- The general Theory of the Riot -- Duguin's thought of uniting the opposits

Part 2 -- Geopolitics

The foundamental concept of Eurasia

German geopolitics, concept of Mittelleuropa, the choice of Europe

The geopolitics of Russia -- modern and historical aspects

The atlantist strategy -- Thalassocracy -- OTAN -- USA

Part 3 -- Tradition

Ideas, Works and personality of Rene Guenon

Theory, struggle and views of Julius Evola

The great and unknown researches in Prehistoryof humanity of pr. Herman Wirth

The theory of Initiation as base of Sacrality

Alchemy -- Hermetism


The Eschatology -- a science of the End of the World

Part 4 -- Religion


Orthodox Christianity



Oriental traditions

Heterodox choice

Part 5 -- Conspiracy

The paradigmes of various conspiracies. The general theory of Conspiracy.

The astonishing ideas of Jean Parvulesco

Mondialism -- paradigme of planetarian market as eschatological phenomenon

Part 6 -- The occultism and the Secret Societies

The Masonry

The modern occultism, the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, OTO, Fringe Masonry etc

The ariosophy

Part 7 -- The Art and the Artists

The visual art

The literature and poetry

The music

Part 8 -- The actuality -- CR groups and movements in different countries of the world

CR in Russia

CR in France

CR in Australia

CR in England

CR in Italy

CR in Spain

CR in Germany


Geopolitics | Theory and Ideology | Tradition and Traditionalists | Religious aspects | Conspiracy | The theory and Ideology | The actual CR groups and movements | The Art and the artists

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