Our Purpose: A)First and foremost to support and endorse the National American Indian Movement in all directives; IE Sovereignty issues, Burial desecration issues, Sports and other mascot issues, and obtaining the freedom of political prisoner, Leonard Peltier. B) On a local level, our goal is to protect the welfare, both spiritual and physical of all Indian people, and help to educate the non-Indian population on the conditions of the American Indian today, as well as to promote understanding of the past histories that have led to these conditions

Original Mission Statement
Pat Adams, Founding Chairperson

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Looking back at the past year , I have seen many changes . Yet the changes of yesterday must not be forgotten as we head into the future . We must all look past our differences and work towards a common goal. That goal should be to see that we can all live together and help one another . We hope this page continues to bridge the gap between Non-Native and Native people in the state of Indiana , and bring all Native people together in the struggle to build a better tomorrow . Not only for our children but for their children's children . Remember our voices must and will be heard.

Albert RunningWolf~Chairperson
November 23, 1998

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