"To the People who struggle for their freedom,
I embrace you and send you my love and strength"
Leonard Peltier is a Native American activist who has been imprisoned since 1977 for the 1975 shoot-out between the FBI and the American Indian Movement (AIM) in which two federal agents and an Indian man were killed. Four years after his incarceration, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit released documents which prove Leonard Peltier's innocence and FBI's use of their infamous COINTELPRO program in their efforts to "neutralize" members of the Movement . The release of an F.B.I. teletype reveals that F.B.I. ballistics experts knew that the gun attributed to Peltier could not have fired the bullets that killed the agents, and that this critical evidence was withheld from the defense at Peltier's trial. The government concedes that they "do not know who killed the agents" and that there were no eyewitnesses or direct evidence against Leonard Peltier. In 1985 the government changed its original theory that Leonard Peltier killed the agents and moved that he aided and abetted the killer. The Appellate Court has stated that there was a "clear abuse of the investigative process" which "cast strong doubts on the government's case." Yet each of his four appeals have ended with Leonard being denied justice and a new trial based on the merits and validity of his arguments rather than one based on legal loopholes.
Why Leonard Peltier?
Leonard was a close associate of Dennis Banks (one of the founders of AIM) and showed signs of potential leadership. ALL AIM leadership was targeted. The FBI wanted desperately to destroy the Movement and force Native people into assimilating into the white culture and allow the government control of their mineral (oil, uranium, gold) rich land. Peltier so concerned them that a memo was sent out in which Peltier's occupation was described as: Manager of AIM. Not only was Peltier NOT the manager of AIM (he was a mechanic), no such position even existed.
At this time Leonard sits in Leavenworth prison..stripped of his freedom and his rights as a human being. He is suffering terribly from a problem with his jaw. He is unable to eat..unable to close his mouth and is in constant pain. He is being denied medical treatment that has been offered him free of charge by the Mayo Clinic even though it is his legal right to have it. It has been noted by an independent physician that the type of radiation treatments given to Leonard at Springfield under the auspices of the the Penal system are not normally associated with treating his problem. So he must be allowed to seek independent medical attention. Furthermore, he is being denied the right to practice his religion..and to lead others in worship. They won't even allow him to have his drum.
This cannot be allowed to continue
For those of you that would like to directly contact Leonard..he may receive letters, cards, paperback books
and/or postal money orders
Leonard Peltier-#89637-132
PO Box 1000
Leavenworth, KA 66048

Others Addresses to contact
Write, phone and fax the White House and Justice Department to demand Leonard's freedom

President Bill Clinton 
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 
Washington DC 20500 
Comment Line 202-456- 1111 
(fax) 202-456-2461

WhiteHouse E-mail Correspondence List president@whitehouse.gov
autoresponder@whitehouse.gov publications@whitehouse.gov

Peltier Defense Committee 
PO Box 583
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Phone 785-583-5774
E-mail: lpdc@idir.net
Web Page

US Parole Commission
5550 Friendship Blvd. #420
Chevy Chase Maryland 20815
FAX: 301-492-6694

Warden Page True
Leavenworth Prison

Attorney General, Janet Reno
Phone 202-514-4371 

Senator Orin Hatch
Chairman Judicial Committee
SD-224 1st & C Sts, NE
Washington DC 20510



This situation crosses all lines of color..race..religion or political affiliation.
If they can do this to Leonard..they can do it to any one of us that
doesn't "get with the program." It will take all of us..speaking up..not letting it go,
to free Leonard and others like him that are hopelessly trapped by those
that don't like what they stand for.
He is imprisoned in OUR name..using Our tax dollars.
Isn't it time WE had something to say about it?
Let our voices be heard in Washington and
across the country.
Please..won't you help?
Write a letter..make that call..send off that fax or E-mail, pester your local and state representatives..
Help send this man home to his people where he belongs
Isn't 22 years too long to wait for justice?

~~Mitaku Oyasin (we are all related)

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