Defining Moment for President Bush

Defining Moment for Bush Presidency


Today President Bush meets with Wen Jiabao, who is referred to as the Premier of China. Wen is said to be bringing a message of warning to the US President that the President, on the behalf of China must "reign in" Taiwan and turn them away from continuing to be free and democratic. Wen makes these statements under a cloud of threat of war against Taiwan and even the US.

Taiwan is a free and democratic nation. China is not.

President Bush spoke eloquently in his State of the Union speech of 2002, shortly after the attacks on the United States. He stated:

America will lead by defending liberty and justice because they are right and true and unchanging for all people everywhere. No nation owns these aspirations, and no nation is exempt from them.

The President's response to the demands of China will speak volumes about his committment to his own magnificent words.

If he answers in any other way than to say we defend liberty because it is true and right, then his words that night were empty.

This is a defining moment for our 43 President.


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He explains why he took up literature:

Lu Xun day I saw a film showing some Chinese, one of whom was bound, while many others stood around him. They were all strong fellows but appeared completely apathetic. According to the commentary, the one with his hands bound was a spy working for the Russians, who was to have his head cut off by the Japanese military as a warning to others, while the Chinese beside him had come to enjoy the spectacle.

Before the term was over I had left for Tokyo, because after this film I felt that medical science was not so important after all. The people of a weak and backward country, however strong and healthy they may be, can only serve to be made examples of, or to witness such futile spectacles; and it doesn't really matter how many of them die of illness. The most important thing, therefore, was to change their spirit, and since at that time I felt that literature was the best means to this end, I determined to promote a literary movement.

-- Lu Xun, Dec. 3, 1922, Preface to Call to Arms (Na Han)


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