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The 8th. ARKANSAS / 22nd. MICHIGAN is a family oriented Civil War reenacting group. Our purpose is to preserve the memory of those who fought and died during the American Civil War. We accomplish this through living history, battle reenactments, parades, memorials, and school lectures. We are one of the few organizations in the Great lakes region to actively portray both sides of the war.

Our members are located in areas of St Clair, Macomb, Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties of Michigan.

8th Arkansas History Home Page
22nd Michigan History Home Page
8th Arkansas/22nd Michigan Company K. NEW
Soldiers Gazette Newsletter (editor and printer are off to war future additions when and if they return)
CIVILIAN and non MILITARY pictures
MILITARY Camp pictures

What Happened this day during the Civil War
United States Civil War
Archival Collections from which the Civil War Treasures are Drawn
Private Anthonys Place
Michigan in the Civil War 1861-1866
Civil War Gravesites in Huron, St. Clair and Sanilac Counties

Civil War Interactive
The Confederate Network

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