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If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

The Acolyte Bloc is an organization in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The mission is to advance environmental awareness, and to destroy racism and fascism. We work in conjunction with Food Not Bombs, and the Anti-Racist Action to promote our goals. If you are interested in contributing to the struggle in any way, e-mail us, please! We need everyone we can get.

Good news for all you punkers! Area dates for Acolyte Bloc shows can be found here!


We understand that we are facing the daunting reality of trying to alter the consciousness of 4 billion humyns, but ask yourself one thing: Is there any other option? If we do not, as a species, undertake sweeping changes in our lifestyles, and our attitudes towards fellow humyns, we face extinction. We have taken evolutionary brinksmanship one step too far, always assuming unequivocally that nature would pick up after us. It is time for us to back down.

We also realize that many people possess an intrinsic desire to affect their surroundings, but write this desire off as foolish, many justifying their laziness by saying "Itd just be a drop in the bucket", that the only way to effect change is through politics. And it may be true that its just a drop, but that has been the prevailing mentality for decades, and has it gotten us nowhere but cold, angry, and alone. Enough drops working together can change our lives. The angst and frustration that modern americans face when thinking about global changes is easy to understand, in light of the tension they face every day in their jobs and schools, country clubs, and bowling alleys. It is exceedingly difficult to pull a man uphill, the effort being inversely proportional to the amount of energy that must be expended to coerce him into walking downhill. In the past, social work was a vertical face to be scaled only by the most determined people. The idea of the Acolyte Bloc is to set up the change on a downhill grade, so that it is easier to help than not to.

We may be forced to act with restraint. But we must act now.

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