Children's Aid Direct
formerly known as

Tel/Fax: +387-71-464 038

10 December 1996

Mountaineering Society "Haseljic Edin-Medex"

Novi Travnik , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chairman - SABANOVIC Almir
Secretary -
KURIC Adem Tel: 072-795396
Instructors -
SUBASIC Nesib and

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Children's Aid Direct (CAD) have been associated with the above Society for two and a half years. Staff members from CAD (then known as Feed the Children) were present, in summer 1994, when the first post-war celebration barbecue was held at the original centre, in the forest between
Novi Travnik and Gornji Vakuf.

In the summer of 1996 the Society ran an initiative to assist children overcome the traumas brought about by years of war. During the three month period June to August, 720 children, from 8 to 18 years received training at courses run by the Society. The Society ran the courses in temporary accommodation, which had been loaned to them free of charge, because the buildings at the original centre had been damaged during the war. Children from all three main ethnic groups attended the courses which were free, and although most of the children were from the Central Bosnia towns of Gornji Vakuf, Novi Travnik and Vitez, children from Bosanska Krupa also attended.

Each course lasted one week and the children received instruction/training in mine awareness, first aid and nature orientation. IFOR and ICRC as well as the Society's own instructors, provided the tuition. The instructors and officials of the Society did not receive payment, but gave their time and efforts to assist the children.

CAD were able to assist in a number of ways, the most important being psychosocial sessions to help those suffering from the effects of war trauma. Food, hygiene, administration supplies, and a large quantity of poster paint was also supplied.

The Society wish to repair the original centre as it is in a wonderful forest location, and the temporary buildings, being summer houses, are not really suitable. I can firmly recommend the Society and the work it is doing to assist Bosnian children. I would encourage any individual or organization, in a position to assist the Society, repair and refurbish its original centre, to try to do so.

Gordon Bacon
Programme Director



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